Chithi 20th October 2021 Written Update: Kavin checks CCTV footage.

Chithi 20th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin saying the Soumya that Venba is getting blamed without aby fault of hers. Soumya says that even she doesn’t know what to say about it. Kavin asks whether she’s believing it too. Soumya says she’s hesitant to say it but the neighbours want them to vacate the house. Kavin gets offended hearing it. He says that Venba is innocent but they didn’t believe it. They say that they are ashamed to call themselves as their neighbours as they don’t want to stay with thieves. Kavin challenges them that he will prove Venba innocent.

Kavin is riding his bike but his stand is not taken off properly. He’s thinking about all those people who visited the house the day the theft happened. He thought that the watchman doesn’t enter home and newspaper guy went without entering followed by milk guy and gas delivery guy. Kavin is sure that none have the chance to enter the home. A passer by alerted Kavin about the stand and asks him to be careful as their loved ones will be waiting for them. Kavin thinks that if someone wants to steal the necklace they would’ve took it with them but they just wanted to frame Venba which means it’s someone who doesn’t like her. He recalls Nandhini visiting home the same day and doubts on her.

Gowri instructs servant to not give sugar products to Dharma as his operation is scheduled. She asks her to follow strict diabetic diet before the surgery else the surgery won’t take place. Mallika gets happy hearing it. Yazhini notices it and finds servant making no sugar juice for Dharma. She sends away the servant with some work and mixes sugar in the juice. Mallika and Gowri were busy discussing that they didn’t notice Yazhini leaving. Yazhini says that if her father’s operation takes place then he would get well and reveal that she’s not his real daughter and she can’t let that happen. She’s checking whether sugar is right when Mallika comes there. She asks what’s she doing and Yazhini lies that she was making sure that secant didn’t add sugar by mistake. Mallika praises her and leaves. Yazhini notices Dharma drinking the juice. She apologizes to him in her mind and says that only she’s his daughter.

Watchman panics seeing Kavin. He scolds his wife for forcing him to do the act. Kavin comes to watchman and watchman tries leaving. Kavin stops him and enquires whether anyone visited the home on the day of theft but watchman denies. Kavin shows him pictures of Mallika, Gowri and Nandhini. Watchman gets scared but didn’t identify anyone. He leaves saying he has work. Kavin notices CCTV camera and pleads Natraj and Subbulakshmi to check it. They give him permission and password and he leaves to check. Kavin is checking the footage.