Chithi 21st June 2021 Written Update: Mallika accuses Venba of trying to kill her

Chithi 21st June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba telling Kavin that Mallika is angry with her and refused to made the food by her. Gowri assures Venba that Mallika’s anger will calm down. Kavin goea to bring Mallika.

Kavin calls Mallika to have, but Mallika refuses to come. Kavin asks why she’s refusing to have food made by Venba. Mallika says that Venba wants to kill her and she married him with that intention and she heard Venba telling the same to someone over the phone call. Kavin says that Venba isn’t like the way Mallika is describing and says that Venba is an angel and she will realize this soon. He leaves. Mallika says that she knows that he won’t believe her, but she also knows how to make him believe her lie. She will slowly feed him the hatred and one day he will throw Venba out of the house.

Kavin gets ready for office. He sees Venba is upset and understands that she’s sad since Mallika isn’t talking with her. Kavin tells Venba that Yazhini is responsible for all confusion and reassures her. Yazhini, who got ready to go to the office with Kavin, overhears their conversation. Kavin tells Venba that Mallika will accept Venba if she gets grandchildren and teases Vrnba. Venba says that this isn’t the right the time to think about babies as everyone is in the house is upset with her. Yazhini interrupts Kavin and Venba’s and asks Kavin to drop her at the office. Kavin tells Venba to accompany him as she told she has some work in bank. Venba looks confused. Kavin signs Venba and she nods ok. Kavin thinks that he won’t allow anyone to come between Venba and him. The trio leaves.

In the same day evening, Mallika and Yazhini see Venba taking oil to the puja to light diya. Mallika tells that this is the right time to execute their plan and asks where Kavin is. Then they notice Kavin downstairs talking over phone call. Venba comes to him and tells that she’s making arrangements for puja and asks him to join. He nods ok.

Mallika pours oil on the steps and acts as she fell down. She shouts in pain. Kavin and Venba come running to Mallika. Venba gets worried for Mallika and tries to help her to get up. Mallika pushea Venba’s hand away. She accuses Venba of intentionally pouring the oil in order to make her fall. Venba nods no. Mallika tells Kavin to throw Venba out and marry Yazhini. Kavin says that how she can blame Venba without any proof. Mallika says that she saw Venba taking oil from the storeroom. Venba admits that she took Venba from the storeroom, but she didn’t pour the oil on the steps. Kavin defends Venba and warns Yazhini when she scolds Venba.

Mallika keeps accusing Venba. The latter takes Kavin to the puja room and shows him that she didn’t even open the oil bottle’s seal. Kavin takes that bottle to Mallika and opens the seal in front of her and asks how oil can come out of a sealed bottle. Mallika asks if she’s doing drama. Kavin says that he doesn’t know about it, but Venba can never do like this. He says with determination that Venba is his wife and no one can change this fact. He takes Venba from there. Mallika tells Yazhini that they shouldn’t give up and keep trying until Kavin believes their lie.

The episode ends.