Chithi 21st May 2022 Written Update: Dharma lies to Gowri

Chithi 21st May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaniyan shares to Gowri and Dharma that doctor asked Yazhini to take rest then she might take medicine on time. Kaniyan asks Mallika to deal with the business deals let’s Yazhini take rest. He says that he will often call her to enquire about her health. He leaves from there. Gowri says to Dharma that she wanna do pooja in temple for her. Dharma assures her that nothing will go wrong. Yazhini shares to Mallika that Kaniyan showing so much care on her? One side she is feeling guilty for betraying a good person another side she can’t able to pretend like she has interest on Kaniyan while she loving Kavin. Mallika assures to her that her marriage will take place with Kavin so she might use this innocent Kaniyan till that.

Meanwhile Gowri keeps thinking about Priest’s word. She doubts may Venba is the person priest mentioned. Why should he mention about Venba to her? She thinks that Venba used to say Dharma know well about her parents details. He wrote about it in his diary. Gowri wakes Dharma and demand him to say who is venba’s parents? Dharma asks her to stop disturbing him in this time. She complaints to him that she can’t able to sleep at all. Gowri shares to him that Venba informed to her that Dharma written about her parents details in diary. Dharma lies to her that he don’t remember anything like that so stop disturbing him. He pretends like sleep and thinks what happened to this Gowri? Doesn’t she believed Yazhini is her daughter. He fears that she may find out the truth.

Next day Gowri prays to god and shares what’s going on here? She shares her grief with God. Yazhini overhears it. Gowri thinks that all. Priest are confusing her it’s better to check another priest for her peace. Yazhini hides seeing her leaving from there. Yazhini doubts what’s bothering her? What’s running on her mind? She was thinking something in these days. She followed her behind in auto. Later Gowri meets Priest and enquires him what really happened on that day? What did he shared to Mallika on that day. She shares to him that she wanna know the truth. Priest checks the horoscope and informs to her that this person has no luck to live with her parents. She will meet her parents after she got married only. Gowri informs to him that her daughter didn’t get married yet. She is living with her these many years. She doubts why did everyone confusing her like this? Yazhini thinks that she shouldn’t come to know the truth till she get married to Kavin. Gowri walks away from there in dilemma. Yazhini thinks that mom already started suspecting everything. If it continuous then she will bring Venba to home so she might do something to stop her.

Venba is thinking about something serious. Kavin comes there and enquires her what’s she thinking? Venba informs to him that he planned smartly to create good impression on Kaniyan. She wanna plan something emotional to impress her. She calls to Kaniyan and informs him that Yazhini got impressed because of his act. He thank her and give all credits to Kavin. She asks him to keep impress Yazhini. She advise him to gift something to her then only she will get impress. Kavin smiles hearing it. Kaniyan thank her and decided to buy gift for her? After that Kavin asks her Is girls really likes gift? She nods to him and shares with him what’s girls mentality. He gifts rose to her in impressing way and he helps her to pin it on her head. Later Gowri asks Dharma to check when will invitation will be ready. Just then Kaniyan comes there and greet everyone there. He shares to them that Mom purchased wedding sarie for Yazhini so she asked me to show it to her.

Episode end.