Chithi 21st October 2021 Written Update: Kavin finds the culprit.

Chithi 21st October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin checking the footage. He hears Venba asking help to Natraj for Kavin to give a proper job to him. She convinces Natraj to give a job for Kavin while Kavin gets overwhelmed seeing Venba’s care for him. Natraj and Subbu too sees this. Natraj says not once but she said it multiple times to him. Kavin says this is why he too wants to prove her innocence. He resumes checking while watchman gets scared of getting caught. Natraj and Subbu asks him to continue while they go down.

They both wishes for Kavin to prove Venba’s innocence. He sees Nandhini and Yazhini coming to home in footage and speaking with watchman. He wonders why watchman lied that he didn’t know them. He thinks that there’s something wrong with watchman. Kavin resumes checking the footage and finds watchman entering the house without anyone’s knowledge. He finds that its watchman who stole the necklace on Nandhini and Yazhini’s saying. He decides to catch the watchman and then copy the clipping.

Kavin goes in search of watchman but couldn’t find him. He says that watchman is the culprit. Subbu asks how could he say that he’s the culprit as there’s no CCTV footage inside the house and he has been working in the house for so long. They say that they can’t accuse someone just like that and says that he just left saying his mother is sick and is going out of station. Kavin asks them to call him and his number is switched off. He asks for his address and Natraj gives the agency number from where he got them hired. He contacts them and gets the address. Natraj and Subbu tries stopping him but he leaves to his address without paying heed to them.

Yazhini is checking accounts while staffs looks scared. She asks the reason for the poor performance. Yazhini says that why there’s so much issues with the company despite her taking over. Staff says that when Kavin was running the company he handled everything despite competition. Yazhini gets angry hearing it and boasts about her wealth and life style. Mallika comes there and scolds them for keep calling her to office for various reasons. She asks if there’s another loss in project like every time. Staff says that it’s worse than that as now they don’t even have money to pay the employees. Mallika gets shocked hearing it. She says that when Kavin was running the company she didn’t ever face any issues and now when she’s suffering with her son’s loss too many problems are getting added. She says that for such times they have a separate 60 lakh deposited and asks them to pay using it.

 Staff says that accountant Thanigachalam said that there’s no such money present. Mallika gets shocked hearing and asks them to call him. They say that he is on leave from the time the issue took place. Mallika lashes out at them for fooling her just because a lady is running the company and curses them. She sends everyone out and prays for Kavin’s return. Kavin is on his way to meet the watchman. Ravi feels bad for the situation of the company and calls Kavin but he doesn’t pick up. Ravi goes to get Kavin. Mallika smirks seeing her plan working out.