Chithi 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Kavin and Venba share a romantic moment

Chithi 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini asking Mallika not to take such risk again. She got scared for her. Gowri says that doctor scared them saying she got a heart attack. Mallika assures that the doctor is her friend and moreover Venba needs this shock treatment. Yazhini says she can’t tolerate if something happened to her. Mallika says that Venba brought tears in Yazhini’s eyes so she will not leave her. She further says that first that Saradha defeated her by shutting her institution, then that Venba married Kavin. Gowri says even if Yazhini get Kavin, she will be called his second wife. Mallika says Venba will never live as Kavin’s wife. Yazhini says they can’t stop their first everytime. She adds that she’s happy that she considers her as her daughter-in-law, and she will leave this house with this happiness. Mallika asks her not to say like this again. She promises to throw Venba out and get Yazhini married to Kavin.

Venba brings juice for Mallika. Gowri blames Venba for Mallika’s health condition. Mallika pretends to support Venba. The latter assures that in one year Mallika will get her grandchildren then automatically her anger will vanish. The trio look shocked hearing this. They get Kavin’s call in landline. He asks Venba to come to the room. Venba says toMallika she’s going to check Kavin and leaves. The trio fume.

Venba comes to room and searches for Kavin. He’s in the bathroom and asks her to come inside saying the shower isn’t working. Kavin locks the bathroom door, when Venba gets inside. Venba is about to leave, Kavin stops her saying the shower is really tight and not opening, he locked the door so that Yazhini doesn’t come inside. Venba sees that the shower is working and scolds him in a lovely manner for lying. Venba’s feel slips and is about to fall, Kavin helds her. They share a romantic moment while Mailanji song plays in the BG.

The manager and the lawyer come to Mallika’s home. Dharma wonders whether Mallika called the lawyer to get divorce for Venba and prays to God to save his daughter. Yazhini informs Mallika about the manager and the lawyer’s arrival. Mallika says she hasn’t called them. She comes downstairs to see them. The manager says that they have come to meet Kavin and discuss about something important. The lawyer says a company took loan from them, but didn’t return the money yet, so they wanted to discuss with Kavin regarding about it then see what to do next. Mallika asks Yazhini to bring Kavin.

Venba is seen putting Kavin’s shirt button while Nenjil Nenjil Idho Idho song plays in the BG. Kavin then clicks selfies with Venba. He kisses her cheek. Yazhini comes there. She calls out Kavin. The latter asks her to wait and continuous to click photos. Venba says Yazhink is looking at them. Kavina scolds if she can’t come knocking the door. Yazhini apologizes to him and says Mallika has called him. Kavin asks Venba to come with him.

The manager explains Kavin the problem. He says the company who took loan from their company, is intentionally delaying the payment. Kavin says then they should take legal action on them. The lawyer says he will do as he said. Mallika thinks of using this opportunity to send Yazhini and Kavin together to the office. She says to Kavin it’s better he goes to office along with Yazhini and clear the matter. She asks Yazhini to get ready for office as she’s Kavin’s business partner. Kavin stops Yazhini.

The episode.