Chithi 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Kavin and Venba are elated

Chithi 22nd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba, Kavin and Ravi searching house for rent. Either the rent is high or the house owner refuses to give the house to Kavin and Venba. The trio sit in a road site food stall to have meal. They discuss about not being able to find a house for rent. The owner of the food stall hear them and tells them that there’s a house in the first floor in the fourth Street from here. The trio decide to go on Ravi’s bike. Traffic police stops them and scold them for three people riding in the same bike. Kavin and Ravi try to fool the traffic police saying that Venba is a ghost.

The traffic police refuses to believe them. He calls his assistant and asks if he can see the girl. Ravi starts explaining their situation. He says that Kavin belongs to a rich family. He married his sister against his mother wish and he was expelled from The house by his mother. They are struggling to get a house for rent. His sister mortgaged her nuptials chain to pay the advance money. The assistant gets moved heraing their story and lies that there are only two people. Kavin, Venba and Ravi drive off from there. Later the assistant admits to the inspector that there was three people, but he lied as he felt pity on them hearing their story. The inspector laughs and says that he got to know that so he let them go.

Venba, Kavin and Ravi reach the location. They ask the house incharge to see the house that they’re givin. They see the house and liked it. They get shocked knowing that the advance amount is seventy thousand. Venba explains that they have money shortage and mortgaged their jewel to pay the advance money. She requests the incharge to talk to the house owner andreduce the advance amount to fifty thousand. The incharge refuses. Venba and Kavin decide to see another house.

Kavin and Venba get surprised on seeing Shivani whom Kavin saved there. It’s revealed that Shivani is the house incharge’s daughter. Shivani mother tells her husband that Kavin saved their child. The house incharge thanks Kavin and agrees to convince the house owner to reduce the advance money. Kavin and Venba get elated hearing this,

Kavin and Venba starts Romancing. Raavi reminds them that he is also there. He teases them saying that they didn’t buy yet the necessary things for the house, but they started romancing already. Kavin says that they don’t need any material things to romancd, they both are enough. Kavin and Venba look at each other and get lost into each other’s eyes, Oru Naalaikkul etanai kannavu plays in the BG. Ravi walks out. After a while Kavin and Venba come to their sense. They decide to buy the necessary grocery for the house, but before that they go to pay the advance money fifty thousand to the house incharge.

The episode ends.