Chithi 22nd October 2021 Written Update: Kavin shares his problems with Ravi

Chithi 22nd October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba sitting in jail. The jailers comes there and bullies the accused. They behave rude with them and threatens them. The jailer comes to Venba and asks Why’s she sitting quite. Her assistant says that she’s a necklace thief. Venba says that she didn’t steal the necklace and someone framed her. The jailer says that it doesn’t matter to her and newbies should clean toilet. Venba says she didn’t do any mistake and will not do any work.

Jailer warns her to do as she said as when she’s here she needs to work. Venba says she won’t and says her husband will rescue her soon. Jailer gets angry hearing her and slaps her. She drags her by hair and dip her face in water. She tortures Venba for not listening to her and pushes her against wall. Venba get hurt. She asks why are they hurting her as she didn’t do any mistake. Jailer gets angry at her and is about to dip her in water again when Inspector comes there. Jailer warns Venba to not open her mouth.

Inspector asks what happened and a scared Venba says that she fell down while working. Inspector asks her to be careful and asks Jailer to apply medicine for her. Jailer asks her assistant to not put medicine and all and asks her to let it be. She asks Venba to work from the next day.

Kavin goes to watchman’s house and will find tolet board on the door. House owner says that he vacated the house all of a sudden. Kavin gets shocked hearing it and asks how it happened but she says she don’t know. Kavin starts leaving frustrated when Kavin’s wife and child peeps through window confirming that he left. Kavin is riding bike on his road when Ravi spots him. He stops him and asks why didn’t he pick his call. He says there’s lots going on in office and tries to forcefully take with him. Kavin says he has important work but Ravi says whatever happened in office and once again tries to take him away. Kavin pushes him off and asks if he has any idea what he’s going through. Ravi gets taken aback and asks what happened.

Kavin says Venba is in jail and narrates whatever happened. Ravi asks why didn’t he inform about him about such a big incident and asks whether he wouldn’t help him. Kavin says he himself is not sure what to do and feels helpless. Ravi asks him not to worry and says he’s with him. Kavin says he wants to meet Venba and wants to go to jail. They both leave.

Thanikachalam meets Mallika and hands over the 60 lakh which he took on Mallika’s saying. He says his name was spoilt as everyone now thinks him to be a cheater. Mallika asks him not to worry about it and says him to hide for few months and later she will give job to him in her another company in a better position. She gives some money to him for his work and Thanikachalam leaves.

Mallika thinks that she’ll do anything to bring her son back home and get him married to Yazhini. Kavin and Ravi visits jail and pleads centry and Inspector to let him meet Venba. After lots of pleading they let him meet Venba. He gets shocked seeing her wound and asks about it. Venba narrates whatever happened and Kavin gets furious. He gives her courage to fight back and assures that he’s with her. He also says that he found the culprit and narrates whatever happened.