Chithi 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Gowri advises Venba

Chithi 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba saying that even though Kavin pretends to hate her, she knows that he loves her that’s why he lifted her in his arms and brought her to the room. Kavin says that she was pretending to sleep. Venba complains that in the beginning of their marriage, he never got angry with her, but now he changed. Kavin says that it’s because she challenged Yazhini. Venba says that she can’t back off from the challenge now and asks Kavin to adjust. Kavin says it’s not easy to adjust. He lays on the ground.

The morning Kavin wakes up dreaming about Venba asking Kavin to help her to bath. Kavin says that Venba challenged Yazhini and all his dreams got shattered. Kavin pretends to sleep seeing Venba coming out of the washroom. Venba tries to wake up Kavin, but he doesn’t respond. Venba decides to let him sleep for a while. Venba starts lamenting. She says because of the challenge that she gave to Yazhini, Kavin is having sleepless night. She then says that Kavin is a very good person that’s why he didn’t throw her out of the house for what she did. Venba recalls Kavin and Yazhini being close and says that she doesn’t like it all. She then says that she felt anger everytime she sees Kavin with Yazhini and felt like slapping Kavin, but she controlled her anger. Venba thinks that Kavin is sleeping now and she can use this opportunity to slap him. Venba slaps Kavin. The latter is still pretending to sleep and hears Venba’s talk. Venba asks Kavin why he changed like this and punches his face. Kavin gets up shouting. He asks who hit him. Venba runs and hides. She says that it must be his dreams. Kavin goes into the washroom. Venba thinks that Kavin is still in half sleep that’s why he believed what she said. She hits herself for hitting Kavin and goes downstairs.

Yazhini gets ready in saree to take coffee for Kavin before Venba. She decides to meet Mallika before. She takes coffee to Mallika. Yazhini asks Mallika if she had slept well. Mallika says that she couldn’t get sound sleep. She can’t digest that because of Venba, Kavin had to sleep in the guestroom. Mallika and Yazhini discuss to use Kavin’s anger for Venba in Yazhini’s favor and traps him in her love. Yazhini confidently says that she will seduce Kavin and make him tell that Yazhini is everything for him. Venba overhears their conversation. Venba says that Mallika and Yazhini are plotting against her, but they can never succeed. Venba pity Yazhini and says that Yazhini will feel very bad when she will get to know that she tried to seduce Navin and not Kavin.

Gowri stops Yazhini from taking coffee for Kavin. Yazhini argues with Gowri and says that she will take coffee for Kavin and no one can stop her. Yazhini leaves. Gowri says that she should somehow stop from Yazhini life getting ruined. Gowri goes to Venba. Gowri asks Venba if she wants her husband or not. Venba says that she definitely wants her husband and can never sacrifice Kavin. Gowri asks then why she lets Yazhini take coffee for Kavin. Venba says that it’s not a big deal and says whatever Yazhini do to seduce Kavin, but Kavin will not get seduced. Gowri says that men become weak when they’re hurt and fall easily for whoever comforts them. Gowri asks Venba to be alert. Venba agrees and thanks Gowri. Venba says that after her Chithi, Gowri is the one, who cares for her lot and says there’s some previous birth connection between them.

The episode ends.