Chithi 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Venba’s gives a brilliant idea to solve a problem in Kavin’s office.

Chithi 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malika trying to convince Kavin to take Yazhini along with him to the office. Kavin says he doesn’t think taking Yazhini to the office will solve this problem in anyway. He asks Yazhini to give a good idea to solve this matter. Yazhini says they will send a court notice to the person in question then he will return their money. Kavin asks Venba to give her suggestion. Mallika asks what’s the need to ask this to Venba.

Kavin says he wants to know his life partner’s opinion. Venba suggests a brilliant idea. The lawyer and the manager get impressed with Venba’s idea and praise her which angers Yazhini. Kavin asks the lawyer to do as Venba suggested. Mallika isn’t happy. Kavin leaves for office. He calls Venba to drop him till the door. Venba waves him goodbye. Kavin comes back and asks her to give a kiss. Venba says this isn’t their bedroom. Seeing Kavin’s dull face, she kisses him on his cheek and sends him to the office.

The manager says to Mallika that she has a very big heart so she accepted Venba, who was working as a staff in her company, as her daughter-in-law. The lawyer and the manager praise Venba and says Kavin and Venba are made for each other. They ask Mallika to ward off bad sight from Venba and Kavin. Mallika nods ok and walks away getting irritated. Yazhini intentionally stepped on the manager’s foot and leaves. The manager shouts in pain. Dharma thinks Venba was raised by Saradha and she will make her proud.

Venba is seen putting the clothes in washing machine. Yazhini is watching her hiding. Venba sees the machine isn’t working and wonders what happened. Yazhini smirks and says the washing machine will not work so she has to wash all the clothes by hand. Venba takes all the clothes to the terrace and wahes it by hand. Yazhini watches this hiding and enjoys. She says she’s not Kavin’s wife, but this house’s maid.

Venba sweeps the whole house and then mobs the floor. Yazhini intentionally drops a juice glass. She apologizes to Venba saying it was by mistake. The latter says it’s ok and starts cleaning the floor again. Mallika watches everything and smirks. Dharma watches this helplessly. Venba then goes to kitchen and starts preparing the lunch. Yazhini observes Venba fuming. She leaves from there. Mallika comes there. Venba says in few more mins the lunch will be ready.

Mallika is confused that whether they’re making Venba do all household works or she herself happily does everything and shares the same with Yazhini. The latter says Venba is acting to win her heart. Mallika says if she keeps doing all household works like that, they don’t need to pay for another maid. At the office, Ravi asks Kavin how his first night went. Kavin says it didn’t happen because of his mom. Ravi says he expected this. Kavin looks on.

The episode ends.