Chithi 23rd May 2022 Written Update: Dharma helps Kavin and Venba going against Mallika

Chithi 23rd May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaniyan coming to Mallika’s house. He says that his mother got wedding saree for Yazhini and asks to call her to show the saree. Just then Yazhini comes. Kaniyan hands her the saree to see. Yazhini sees the saree. Gowri says that the saree looks beautiful and it’s Yazhini’s favorite color. Gowri says that Yazhini will look gorgeous in this saree. Kaniyan asks Yazhini if she likes tue saree else they can get another. Yazhini says that she likes it. She says that she’s having headache and wants to rest. Kaniyan stops Yazhini and says that he bought a gift for her. He requests her to accept it. Mallika signs Yazhini to accept it. Kaniya says that he wants to make matching footwear matching Yazhini’s saree color and wants to draw her foot for that as the footmaker asked for a drawing. He says that sorry that he will do crazy things for those whom he loves. Kaniyan says to Yazhini to place her foot on a white paper. Yazhini obliges. He draws her foot. He leaves happily. Gowri says that Kaniyan is a nice guy while Mallika thinks he is a fool.

Yazhini unwraps the gift and sees a couple statue. She says that Kaniyan is slowly falling in love with her and she feels bad for deceiving Kaniyan, who is an innocent. Gowri gets a coffee to Dharma and asks what he is doing on the laptop. Dharma says that he is doing some important property papers. Gowri complainta that Dharma isn’t doing the wedding work. She says that they have to shop clothes for Kaniya. Dharma says that they can do it online. He gets a call from some Guna and says to him to come to the temple and confirms it’s Kavin and Venba’s company. He leaves. Gowri hears this and wonders why he isn’t showing intrest in their daughter Yazhini’s wedding and talking about Venba’s company. Gowri decides to follow him. Yazhini sees this and gets worried that Gowri got suspicious.

Dharma comes to the temple. He meets Guna and his friends. They discuss about the business. Guna asks why he called him here instead to the office. Dharma says that his sister company isn’t good in producing CCTV cameras and recommends Kavin and Venba’s company. Gowri and Yazhini hear this. Gowri is shocked while Yazhini looks on angrily. Guna asks why he is speaking against his sister company, who is owned by his daughter. Dharma says that Kavin is his relation and his wife is also his daughter which surprises Gowri. Guna says that the other day he spoke against Kavin and his wife. Dharma says that Mallika challenged Kavin to earn one crore to come back home and Kavin is struggling to get that money. He requests them to help Kavin. Guna and his friends agree. Gowri gets confused. She wonders weather Dharma helped for Kavin or there is any other reason. She also wonders why Dharma said that Venba is also his daughter.

Dharma says to the priest to perform the puja on Venba’s name and gives her star and astrology sign which shocks Gowri. The latter remembers the astrologer’s words. Yazhini thinks that Dharma knew that Venba is his daughter, but he is acting as he doesn’t know it. Yazhini gets worried whether Gowri understand the truth. Gowri wonders what’s happening, Yazhini is her daughter, but all the happenings is saying that Venba is her daughter. After Dharma left, Kavin and Venba come to the temple. Kavin says to the protest to perform the pooja on Venba’s name and says her star and astrology sign. Thevpriesr says that just know a man perform pooja on the same name and star. Venba says that he should be her dad and goes to find him. Gowri looks on shocked.

The episode ends.