Chithi 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Kavin’s final attempt to convince Venba to elope fails

Chithi 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone urging Saradha to sing a song. Saradha starts to sing a song. Shanmugam is still hiding behind a pillar watching everything. Saradha gets emotional remembering the time spent with Yazhini. She holds both Yazhini and Kavin’s hands and places their hands together. Then she places Yazhini’s hand on Gowri’s hand before leaving.

Shardha doesn’t sleep remembering Yazhini. Shanmugam tells to Sharadha that  he saw the person that he shouldn’t have seen. He says he can’t hide anything from her. He says he’s talking about Kavin’s mom. Saradha asks if he knows Mallika. Shanmugam says Mallika loved him and tried to marry him. She is the one who instigated her sister to run away leaving her kids behind.

Sharadha looks on shocked. Shanmugam says Mallika already attempted to kill Venba. If she gets to know Venba is his daughter, she will not sit quiet. Saradha says she’s waiting for Yazhini’s marriage to happen, the next second she will handover Arun to Police.

 Shanmugam asks her to think twice because Arun may refuse to tell the truth. Saradha is certain that Arun will confess the truth in the court room. Shanmugam asks her to sleep as they have to wake up early to attend the marriage. Sharadha looks on surprised. Shanmugam says he will attend the marriage for Yazhini.

Kavin tries to meet Yazhini, but Gowri sends him back saying he can talk to Yazhini morning after marriage. Kavin says to himself Yazhini was so happy today as if the marriage is going to happen in real. He thought to clear his confusion by talking with Yazhini but he couldn’t meet her. Kavin then calls Venba.

 He asks her to come morning. He says he made all the necessary arrangements. Ravi will help them to elope. Venba says she’s not ready. Kavin says he’s putting all the efforts for her. Venba asks Kavin to marry Yazhini. Kavin asks if she will come or not. Venba says she will come as her chithi wants her to come.

Kavin calls Sevandhi. He says he talked to Venba and she’s not getting convinced. He says she’s his only hope now. If Venba doesn’t come, he will die. Sevandhi reassures Kavin that she will bring Venba morning.

The next day, Kavin and Yazhini marraige arrangements are going on. Saradha will come there. She will stand in front of the stage where marriage rituals going to happen. She reminisces her promise to Yazhini. Shanmugam calls Saradha to come near him. He says she won’t believe what he has done downstairs. He says he has served foods to the guests. He didn’t even serve food in their sons marriage, but now he felt to do in Yazhini’s marriage. He wishes Yazhini to have an happy marriage life. Saradha says every parents will think like him.

 Shanmugam says Yazhini calls them amma and appa but that’s not mean they are her parents. Shanmugam walks away asking Saradha not to tell to anyone about he is serving the guests. Saradha thinks being Yazhini’s dad he should perform the Kanyadaan, she apologizes to Shanmugam for hiding the truth from him.

Kavin is getting ready for the marriage. Ravi comes to meet Kavin. The latter asks him if everything is ready. Ravi shows the car and the driver through the window. He asks if Venba is ready. Kavin says since the beginning that’s the problem. Ravi says he’s afraid of his mother. Just then Mallika comes there. Ravi continues the difficult task is to do everything without her knowledge.

The episode ends.