Chithi 23rd October 2021 Written Update: Nandhini’s evil plan.

Chithi 23rd October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin saying Venba that it’s watchman Munusamy who trapped her on Nandhini and Yazhini’s saying. Venba recalls Munusamy seeing her keeping the jewel. Venba feels cheated by watchman who she considered her brother. Kavin says he vacated his house with family. Venba feels cheated but Kavin asks her not to lose trust on everyone. He assures to bring watchman in two days and gives her courage. Venba pleads him to take her back. Kavin gives courage to her to fight back. Venba is taken away while Kavin is disheartened. Kavin comes out of jail and Ravi asks what happened. Kavin feels vengeance towards Yazhini. He calls her and Yazhini picks up happily. She asks how’s he and Kavin says he wants to meet her. Yazhini says a location and Kavin agrees to come. He takes his leave from Ravi.

Yazhini thinks that her plan is working and decides to manipulate him emotionally in his weak situation. Kavin angrily comes there and Yazhini expresses her happiness. He asks Where’s the watchman. Yazhini pretends innocent. He keeps asking her but she kept denying. Kavin slaps her furiously. He says that he saw CCTV footage where she spoke with watchman and asks her Where’s he. Yazhini says that she did meet with the watchman and visited his home but didn’t plan anything against him. She says that she was disheartened knowing that he’s working as a driver and pleads him to come back. She says that only they are born for each other and asks him to leave Venba. She says that only they are destined to live together. Kavin stops her ranting and leaves angrily.

Yazhini gets her food in jail and sits recalling Kavin’s words. She’s about to have the food but keeps it down unable to eat. A fellow jail mate asks for her share of food and Venba gives it to her. Kavin comes to his home with Ravi. Everyone badmouth him and call a them shameless for still being there. Ravi takes stand for Venba and Kavin and asks whether they didn’t know what a nice girl Venba is but they still believe that she’s the culprit. Ravi tries arguing further but Kavin stops him saying that they will answer once they prove Venba innocent. They both come home and Ravi consoles him. He asks him not to get disheartened and serves him food. Kavin refuses saying that Venba wouldn’t have anything too.

Ravi praises him and his love for his wife. He feels proud to be his friend. Nandhini is making sweet recalling Venba’s arrest. Her husband gets surprised with the good smell from kitchen. He asks what’s the reason for making sweet all of a sudden. Nandhini says that when we go to meet someone close to us we will take this for her on their way to office. She says it’s for his sister Venba as they didn’t meet for long. Arvind gets surprised when Nandhini acts really worrying for Venba. He’s really happy with her care for Venba. He asks her to continue showing the same affection forever. He leaves to get ready. Nandhini thinks that he wants to see everyone of them suffering and can’t wait to witness his pain seeing his sister’s condition. Kavin prays to God to help him get Venba out of jail. Arvind comes there and calls out for Kavin. Kavin gets shocked..

Episode ends..