Chithi 24th July 2021 Written Update: Kavin and Venba are in trouble

Chithi 24th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba telling Kavin that they can invite Gowri. Kavin agrees saying that she will definitely come. Venba walks out to call Gowri. The latter receives the call and gets happy that Venba called her. Mallika and Yazhini, who are on the Hall hear Gowri telling Venba and overhear the conversation. Venba tells Gowri that they go a house for rent and invites her for the house warming ceremony. Venba tells Gowri to come immediately.

Mallika enquires Gowri what Venba told her. She asks if Venba told her that she is proud of defending her(Mallika). Gowri says that Venba invited her for house warming ceremony humbledly. Yazhini and Mallika ask how she can keep relationship with Venba who has humiliated Mallika and separated Kavin from Saradha. Gowri tells that she wants their fight end. Mallika says that she wants Kavin to return home leaving Venba so that she can get Kavin married again to Venba. Gowri feels disgusting hearing this. Yazhini says that she wants Kavin and she will die if she doesn’t get him. Mallika also threatens to commit suicide.

Gowri asks what they want. Yazhini says that she should attend Venba and Kavin’s house warming ceremony. Gowri agrees and adds that Venba will understands her situation since she’s sensible. Mallika asks why she is fond of Venba. Gowri says that she agreed to their condition and tells them to not asks her anything more. She walks away. Mallika and Yazhini smirk.

Kavin decorates the house and shows it to Venba. The latter liked it. Ravi tells that he has made arrangements for Puja which surprises Venba. Kavin and Venba wait for the neighbors. Venba wonders why they haven’t come yet. Kavin says that they must have understood that they left their house, so they would have decided to not attention the ceremony. He says that he used to face humilation now. Venba says that even Gowri hasn’t come. Kavin says that she must be stuck in any work.

Shivani, her parents and the neighbors arrive. Venba and kavin get elated on seeing them. The neighbors have brought different dishes for the puja. Venba and Kavin invite them to come in. Anbu comes to that area searching Venba and Kavin’s house. He enquires to a boy and knows that they live in the first floor. Venba is about to light the lamp.

Suddenly a photo frame falls down and breaks the lamp shocking Venba. The neighbors say it’s bad omen. Shivani mother tells Venba to bring another lamp. Ravi says that he will go and buy. The neighbors ask if she didn’t get two lamps. Shivani mom says that she will bring the lamp from her house, but her husband says that it’s Venba and Kavin’s first lamp in their new house and they should not borrow it. Venba and Kavin worry what to do. They look towards the entrance as someone has arrived.

The episode ends.