Chithi 24th May 2022 Written Update: Yazhini acts to fool Gowri.

Chithi 24th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Priest revealing that a guy did archanai on her name and gives details. Venba says Kavin that it must be her father shocking Gowri and Yazhini. She starts searching for him and Kavin controls her. Venba pours out her frustration of her father hiding from her. Kavin asks her to pour her feelings to God like always. Venba sings the same Lord Murugan which Gowri sings. Gowri gets emotional and Yazhini watches helpless. Gowri also cries with her. Kavin consoles Venba. She thinks that it’s her song and Venba told that she herself got to know this song without anyone teaching her. Gowri asks Lord Muruga to clear her questions. Yazhini thinks that Gowri got suspicious and she can’t let that happen

Dharma comes home and gives Prasadam to Mallika saying that he went to temple as Yazhini got a good groom. Gowri comes there and asks to whom he did archanai. He says their daughter Yazhini but Gowri asks him not to lie. She says that she got to know all the truth. She says that Yazhini is not her daughter but Sharda’s daughter. She says that Venba is only her daughter shocking Mallika. Yazhini comes there and Gowri confronts her about the truth. She says that Dharma wrote the truth in a diary and kept it in locker. She accuses Yazhini for stealing it and learning the truth. She says Venba is her daughter and throws her out of the house. Yazhini wakes up from her nightmare and gets scared of her truth to get exposed. She decides to clear Gowri’s doubt else Mallika would never go forward with her plan of getting her married to Kavin.

Gowri recalls all that happened and spends sleepless night. She thinks that something is wrong and decides to confront Yazhini about the diary the next day. She sleeps in sitting position. She wakes up and finds Yazhini singing the same devotional song and gets happy. Gowri praises her for the song and Yazhini knows it without anyone teaching her. Mallika says she heard it from her mother’s womb and so she knows it. Mallika asks what’s her sadness and Yazhini says that no one in this house likes her apart from her. Gowri says she loves her more but her parents love her too. Mallika asks Gowri what’s the matter and Gowri says about what Josiyar told. Mallika says they shouldn’t consider everything and Dharma shrews with her.