Chithi 24th November 2020 Written Update: Mallika pleads with Saradha to release Arun

Chithi 24th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ravi and Kavin discussing about the London plan. Ravi says it’s very difficult to do everything without his mom’s knowledge. Just then Mallika comes there. She questions what she shouldn’t know. Ravi stumbles saying he’s talking about her surprise for Kavin. He says he disclosed about his the Switzerland honeymoon trip to Kavin, as he doesn’t Kavin is unaware of the same. Mallika says Ravi is a blabbermouth.

Yazhini gets ready for Marriage. Saradha says she looks very beautiful. Saradha gives some advices regarding marriage. Yazhini expresses her joy of getting married to her childhood love Kavin. She thanks Saradha. She says Saradha must be her mother in her previous live. Saradha says even in this live she’s her mother. Saradha reassures her marriage will happen without any obstacles.

Sevandhi overhears them. She wonders Kavin told Yazhini knew about everything but it doesn’t look like Yazhini agreed with Kavin’s plan. Sevandhi questions Kavin if Yazhini agreed for his plan. She tells to Kavin that Yazhini is excited to marry Kavin and was expressing it to Saradha.

Kavin says he wrote everything in letter and gave it to Yazhini, who understood him. She must have acted in front of Saradha. Ravi says she’s certain that knows about the plan and tell how Yazhini saved Kavin from Mallika without letting her open the envelope which contained the flight tickets.  Kavin asks to bring Venba to the car somehow.

Deivanayagi and Nandini says something in sign languages. Mallika welcomes Guruji. She takes him inside. Mallika asks Gowri to bring Yazhini and Kavin to get Guruji’s blessings. Guruji says to Mallika that the marriage should happen between 7:30 to 8.

Yazhini takes Saradha along to meet Guruji. Kavin and Yazhini take Guruji’s blessings. Guruji says if Saradha hadn’t be there in the engagement, Yazhini engagement wouldn’t have happened. She completed all the rituals being in the place of Yazhini’s mother. Guruji again warns Mallika that the marriage should between 7:30 to 8.

Minster comes there. Mallika gets happy when the Minister says he has brought the approval order for her college construction. He thought to give it as a gift to her son’s marriage. Saradha is watching everything. Mallika asks Dharma to arrange to talk to Sharadha in private.

Mallika requests Saradha to release Arun. Nandhini is overhears them hiding behind a pillow. Saradha asks she doesn’t understand why she talks about Arun now. Mallika says she knows how much she(Saradha) loves Yazhini. She never saw someone like her. She suggests Saradha to become friends. Saradha asks Mallika to close her institution where she does illegal activities.

The next second they can become friends. Mallika says she finally got the approval letter that she’s been dreaming since longtime. If Arun’s matter comes out, everything will be shattered. She joints her hands in front Saradha pleading to leave Arun. She can’t even enjoy her son’s marriage, as all her thoughts are only focused on Arun. She’s afraid when Police will come here to arrest her. She pleads with Saradha to leave Arun. Saradha apologizes to Mallika saying she can’t go back on her decision. Mallika looks on shocked.

The episode ends.