Chithi 24th November 2021 Written Update: Venba has a nightmare.

Chithi 24th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini singing the devotional song and does arti. She gives arti to everyone later
Dharma thinks that she doesn’t even know to sing from heart as there’s no devotion. He wishes to bring Venba home and make her sing daily with devotion. He lies that it was good and leaves. Yazhini thinks that he really thinks her to be his daughter. Venba and Kavin come back to work and Natraj and Subbu enquires whether her grandmother is doing good. They say that the operation went well and they are fine now
Subbu sends her to kitchen to complete the pending works. Venba goes in and Singaram learns about her arrival. He flirts with her and asks her to get his help from next time when she wants to go to her native place. Venba agrees. She gets irritated with his behaviour. He asks whether he can click her picture as her face is lucky for him and wants to see it daily for his day to go well. She agrees unwilling and poses for selfie. He asks her to remove the towel on her and she removes it. While removing, by mistake her thaali comes out but Both didn’t notice it. Singaram clicks their picture together and leaves. He decides to send it to his father. He admires her picture by zooming it and gets shocked seeing her thaali. Singaram shouts in shock and upset while Everyone assembles there.

Singaram shows Venba’s thaali to Subbu and Natraj shocking everyone. Subbu confronts Venba and asks if she’s married. Kavin also gets shocked and helpless. Venba stands helpless while Subbu felt cheated by Venba. Natraj also confronts her and asks Kavin if he’s aware of it before hand. Kavin stands unable to answer and they felt more betrayed. Subbu and Natraj confronts him for cheating them despite them considering him like their son. They get upset and will ask Singaram to throw them out. Kavin and Venba pleads for a chance to listen their part of explanation but they refuse to listen. They are extremely angry and Singaram throw them out of the house forcefully and shuts the door. Venba wakes up from her nightmare and pleads to not throw them out. Kavin wakes get up and asks what happened. Venba says about her dream and feels bad for lying to Natraj and Subbu. Kavin too is guilty of the same. Venba says that they can’t fool them forever and asks him to say the truth as soon as possible. Natraj agrees with her.

Lakshmi gives coffee to Mallika and Gowri says she will take coffee for Dharma. Mallika asks the reason for it for which she says that he has a habit of touching her cheeks without opening his eyes right after waking up and she just wants to check whether he still remembers the habit. Yazhini too hears it and follows Gowri to their room. Dharma wakes up the same way Gowri explained and Gowri gets extremely happy and thankful to God. She asks how come he remembers everything and not only about Venba’s parents. Yazhini gets irked with her question. Gowri continued that it’s him who called Venba and said about the diary in his locker and even said the locker password. Dharma thinks about it while Yazhini is scared.