Chithi 24th September 2020 Written Update: Kavin likes Venba’s selection

Chithi 24th September 2020 Written Update on

Saradha is lost in her thoughts and didn’t notice the boiling Rasam. Shanmugam comes there and brings her back to the world. He asks what she thinking of. Saradha turns of the flame and says she doesn’t like to work in Kavin’s institution. Shanmugam tells to live the job. She says she won’t leave the institution until she punish Mallika. She talked to the lawyer. Shanmugam asks to be careful as she is important for him and this family.

Yazhini comes to Saradha’s house. Deeba and Shanmugam welcomes her. Saradha gets happy seeing her. She makes her and sit and talks. The camera shows the mole present in both Yazhini and Saradha’s knuckle and the flashback of Saradha and her baby.

Yazhini asks Saradha to accompany her for shopping as next day is her engagement with Kavin. She asks to select saree for her engagement. When the engagement talk came, Saradha’s nsme came in her mind first and she doesn’t know why. Saradha says her mom can take the saree and may her family doesn’t like her presence. Yazhini convinces Saradha saying its her wish. Saradha asks if Mallika knows about it. Yazhini says as it’s her wishes and Mallika won’t say anything

Gowri and Mallika looking saris for Yazhini. Dharma is standing with them without any intrest. Yazhini comes there with Saradha. Mallika fakes smile and welcomes her. Saradha says Yazhini compelled her to come. Yazhini says she wants Saradha to select her engagement dress. Mallika suggests Yazhini a sari, but she asks Saradha’s opinion. The latter doesn’t like it much and goes to lehenga section and selects one dress for Yazhini.

The latter likes it very much and asks Gowri and Mallika how it is. They say to buy it if she likes it. Yazhini says only Saradha can understand her heart’s desire and select a perfect dress for her. Gowri questions where kavin is. Mallika goes to call Kavin. The latter says he is in parking section and will come.

Kavin asks Venba to find an idea to stop his engagement. Venba says Yazhini is pretty and intelligent then why he wants to stop the engagement. Kavin thinks in heart he doesn’t love Yazhini. He asks Venba to help him at least in selecting dresses. Venba follows him without any option.

Saradha is surprised to see Venba there and calls her by her name and asks what she is doing here. Kavin says she forced her to come with him. Dharma says everyone came with people they like there is nothing wrong in this. Mallika informs Venba tomorrow is her boss’s engagement so no meeting, no work. Venba says she also told the same to Kavin.

Yazhini is looking suits for Kavin. She selects one suit and asks kavin if he likes it. Kavin asks Venba’s opinion in gesture and the latter says not ok. Kavin calls Venba and asks to select a dress for Kavin. Venba select a dark blue color suit. Kavin says he like it without looking at it.

Yazhini also liked Venba’s choice. Saradha says both Yazhini and Kavin liked the dresses choosen by me and Venba it shows that.. Mallika cuts her and says mockingly it shows Saradha cares a lot for her family.. Saradha replies with attitude they do everything with perfection and she likes the perfection.

Gowri takes Venba inside the lift and questions who she is to select dress for Kavin. Venba says she doesn’t want to come, but Kavin forced her. Gowri acusses Venba of trying to trap kavin for his money. Venba calls her mom and says nothing like that. Gowri stops Venba and asks to call her madam. She pulls Venba by her hair and says why she didn’t refuse to come saying Yazhini is there to select dress for Kavin.

She came with him since Kavin is rich. Venba cries in pain and pleads Gowri to leave her. Gowri warns Venba to stay away from Kavin, if not she will kill her. She asks to wipe her tears and arrange her messy hair. She asks not to tell anyone about what happened inside the lift. Venba wipes her tears. When the lift doors open, they find Saradha there. The latter sees Venba and questions her why her hair is messy and questions what happened.

The episode ends.