Chithi 25th November 2020 Written Update: Venba is in a dilemma

Chithi 25th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika pleading with Saradha to leave Arun. Saradha says she can’t go back on her decision. She says she decided to destroy her the day when she tried to kill Venba. She says nothing is more important than Venba for her. She says she will destroy her empire as well as her dream. Mallika says she is ready to do everything that she wants. Saradha leaves asking her to close her institution.

Mallika shouts in frustration. Dhrama tries to pacify her. She angrily says she must have killed Venba. She missed it. She says Saradha is going to bring Police and shame her in front of everyone. Nandhini, who has overheard everythink, thinks of putting a full stop to this. She then apprise about the same to Deivanayagi. She says if they inform Police, Saradha will get arrested. Deivanayagi says if Arun opens his mouth, Mallika will be in trouble. Nandhini says let Mallika get arrested, so that Yazhini will see Saradha’s true face and will hate Saradha for getting arrested Mallika’s and runing her marriage. Nandhini takes someone’s phone. She calls Police. She informs Arun is held captive in a house by a doctor and gives the address.

As preplanned by Dhrama, the man, who acts as a blind, bumps into Kavin. Dharma is watching them from far. He requests Kavin to count the money. Kavin says he can counts the notes himself as it’s all 500 Rs notes. He encourages the man to count the notes. The man counts the notes using his saliva and gets unconscious.

Kavin phones Venba. He asks her to get inside the car that’s waiting outside. In few mins he will be called to the mandap. If she goes now, he will come after few minutes. Venba cries without saying a word. He requests Venba to go with Sevandhi. He says not to worry about Chithi. He is certain she will accept their love. If he marries Yazhini, all the three life will be ruined. He pleads with Venba to listen to him. Venba keeps crying.

Kavin and Ravi comes downstairs from backside. They get shocked seeing Mallika there. The latter asks what he’s doing here. The priest has asked him to come to the mandap. She takes Kavin along. Kavin tells to Ravi he will manage to come to the car. He asks to tell to Sevandhi to bring Venba somehow. Mallika makes Kavin to sit on the mandap. Venba is sadly looking at Kavin from far. Dharma thinks his plan is failed. He wonders how to stop the wedding now.

Dharma makes Kavin wear the garland. The priest asks to bring the bride. Gowri brings Yazhini. The latter asks Saradha to come and stand near her in the mandap, but Saradha says she will stand here. Kavin wonders why Yazhini is acting as the marriage is going to happen. Gowri makes Yazhini sit on the mandab. Mallika makes Yazhini wears the garland. Kavin signs Venba to get into the car. Venba signs no. The screen splits into three showing Yazhini, Kavin and Venba.

The episode ends.