Chithi 25th November 2021 Written Update: Singaram questions Venba and Kavin.

Chithi 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini overheating Dharma and Gowri’s conversation. Gowri asks Dharma how could he forget only Venba’s parent details and feels bad for Venba. She says that it’s really cruel for a girl to not know her parent. Dharma feels painful hearing it. She says that Venba is such a nice girl and whenever she calls her mother her heart aches for her. She even sometimes wishes to become her mother. Yazhini fumes hearing it. Gowri says that Venba took 108 jugs of water to offer God for him to get well but still they couldn’t do anything to help her.

Dharma wishes to share the truth with Gowri but controls himself. He says that he would’ve said the truth if he had known and asks her not to worry. He says that that no one van hide truth for long and Venba will get her justice soon too. He consoles Gowri while she asks him to drink the coffee. Yazhini is still confused whether Dharma doesn’t remember everything or is just pretending. Dharma cries silently with his body shivering. Yazhini notices his shivering hands holding coffee and understands that he’s pretending to have memory loss and praises her own plan.

On the other hand, Singaram eagerly waits for Venba and keeps looking at the gate. Venba packs lunch for Kavin when Singaram video calls. Venba gets irked and asks Kavin to hide. She attends the call and gets scared seeing his weird expression. Singaram scolds her for not picking up the call soon despite being the call is from her boss. Venba apologizes and Singaram asks Why’s she late as its already 9. Venba says that she’ll be there soon right after he cuts the call and tries convincing him. Kavin passes behind drowned in his mobile and Singaram notices it. He asks Venba what Kavin is doing there when Venba lies that we girls stay together and how can Kavin ne be there.

Singaram doesn’t believe her and asks her to turn the phone around the house. Kavin realizes his mistake and hides from getting caught by camera. Venba says that he’s always thinking about Kavin which is why he’s getting hallucinations. She assures to be there within 10 minutes and cuts the call. She scolds Kavin for appearing on screen without thinking. Kavin apologizes while Venba leaves angry at him worried about Singaram.

Natraj, Subbu and Singaram are waiting for Kavin and Venba and they both come in the same bike. Singaram questions them about it and Kavin says that it was Natraj and Subbu who asked them to come together and said they won’t doubt them. Natraj agrees. Singaram asks the next question about who will go to whose house to pick up when both gives different answer. Kavin asks Venba to let him answer and says that they pick each other. Singaram shoots his next question about the timing of her grandmother’s surgery. Again they both say different answer but handles the situation. Singaram keeps investigating them seeing Kavin’s bike sticker and Kavin handles everything leaving no option for Singaram. Then they both leave to work. Natraj asks Singaram to have a close watch on them. Next day, Singaram follows Kavin and Venba in disguise.