Chithi 25th September 2020 Written Update: Dharma asks Venba to quit her job

Chithi 25th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gowri warning Venba. When the lift opens they find Saradha there. The latter questions Venba why her hair is messy. Venba lies its due to fan in the lift. Saradha takes Gowri inside the lift. Saradha says she understands what happened inside the lift. She pulls Gowri’s hair and saya she doesn’t know about her Venba and stops to talk ill avout her. She warns Gowri and says not to think that she is a teacher and can’t do anything.

In car Yazhini thanks Saradha for coming to select dress for her. Saradha says she can’t say no to her. Yazhini asks she will do anything for her like she do for her kids. Saradha says yes. Saradha gets a call and who is this. The lady says she is Padma. Saradha asks to stop the car and gets out of it.

Saradha asks Padma where she is. The latter says she understood that she is Saradha eating the kozhukattai made by her hand and questions why she didn’t tell her she is her sister and cries saying she is a sinner. Saradha questions why she ran away. she kept them safe and make arrangements to get her vision back. she further says if her son witnessed against Mallika many students life would be saved.

Padma says she doesn’t understand all this, she went as she can’t face her. Saradha says she is running from the place where she had left. She is taking care of Shanmugam and her children. She won’t ask why she run away. She wants to know if she got the life she expected. Padma asks her to leave that topic and asks why she didn’t reveal her identity to her. Saradha asks her whereabouts so she will answer this question. Padma refuses to tell her and says she can’t face her sons and her husband and cries. Saradha asks why she called then.

Padma says to tell that she won’t come back. Saradha says she will find out her whereabouts. She is not only holding her family but also her memories. She will find her and will keep her with her, but Padma says she doesn’t deserve to be with her and asks to leave her and cuts the call.

Dharma tries to change Mallika’s mind to save Venba, but she is firm in her decision. A man called Devaraj comes to meet Mallika. The latter send Venba’s pic to Devaraj and asks to kill her. Deveraj asks how Mallika wants him to kill Venba and give some options. Dharma angrily asks to stop him.

Mallika calms Dharma down. She asks to kidnap Venba and bring to their place as she wants to see her death. Deveraj asks two days time and questions where he can find her. Mallika says she is Kavin’s secretary and give him money. Deveraj assures he will compete her work. Mallika leaves. Deveraj asks Dharma why Mallika gave so much money to kill a middle class girl. Dharma angrily tells him to ask to Mallika and leaves.

Venba comes to the temple and meets Dharma. She questions why he wants to meet her. Dharma says he doesn’t want she suffers and many things happening around her without her knowledge, so asks her to leave the job. He requests not to tell anyone about what he told her.

Venba says she doesn’t understand anything he is saying and questions she is middle class girl and who will harm her. Dharma insists to leave the job. Venba says she is doing this job to help Saradha and he won’t understand how much this job is important for a middle class girl. Dharma asks her to understand the seriousness of the issue. He says he will give her the money she wants and asks her to leave the job. Venba asks who he is and why he will give her money. She is well educated and got this job and that’s enough. She can’t leave the job without any reason. She is unable to understand him.

Gowri insulted since she doubted her and says there is no difference between Gowri and him. He offers money so that she can stay away from Kavin. She says she is just doing her job and there is nothing between her and kavin. She leaves. Dharma cries that he can’t tell her the truth.

Saradha speaks to Gowri’s photo and says she will find her whereabouts. Saradha gets call from bank. He informs her that the manager will come for their site inspection in an hour and asks her to come to the site along with her daughter. Saradha happily informs about the call to Shanmugam and asks him to get ready. Nandhini looks on.

The episode ends.