Chithi 26th May 2022 Written Update: Venba learns that Gowri and Dharma are her parents.

Chithi 26th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin thinking that no one can hide the truth no matter how much we try still he decides to not reveal anything. He gives explanation that since she did pooja for Dharma and her hatred for Dharma mixed and resulted in the dream. Venba says that it doesn’t matter whether she finds her father or not but says that she don’t want Dharma to be her father. She says that she can’t accept a murderer like him as her father.

Kavin asks her not to worry as her father will be just like her or someone who takes the blame on himself for others happiness. Venba gets confused with his statement but Kavin asks her not to worry. Gudugudupukarar predicts future of Venba. He says that something unexpected is going to happen and something which she expected will not happen. Venba gets confused with his statement but Kavin asks her not to take his words serious. He says that they are educated enough to not trust all this. Venba gets convinced half hearted.

Mallika meets with a person and gives him Kaniyan’s picture. She asks him to kidnap him 10 minutes right before the marriage. He says it’s difficult but still agrees. Venba is in temple and prays God that she has successfully lightened lamps for 6 days and its her 7th and last day. She prays to know about her parents soon. She hears someone singing and identifies it to be the same Siththar who asked her to do the parigaram. She says about her last day pooja today and asks whether she would meet her parents. Siththar says that till now she did the pooja with full trust and asks her to do the same in the last day. He asks her to light 108 lamps and her parents will definitely get revealed. Venba does as he said.

Yazhini comes to the same temple and meets with the fake Siththar she hired to lie to Dharma. The fake Siththar asks money from her for his wife’s treatment but Yazhini refuses to give him. He says that it’s because of her he lied to Dharma that if Venba knows that she’s his daughter then it would cost her life. Venba hears it all and gets shocked. He says that she’s enjoying the luxurious life because of her. Venba is unable to believe that Dharma and Gowri are her parents. Yazhini gives him some money and asks him to not trouble her anymore.

Venba angrily comes in front of her and slaps her many times for playing with her life. Venba says that she insulted Dharma so much without knowing that he was there to help her and blames her for her situation. Yazhini says Venba that she’ll get married and save Mallika only if she promise to keep the truth a secret. She says that if she doesn’t get married then she would lose her lifestyle and Kavin will suffer forever. She asks Venba to chose between her parents and Kavin.