Chithi 27th February 2021 Written Update: Venba accepts Yazhini’s challenge

Chithi 27th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini confronting Venba. She says Venba trapped Kavin for money. She then says Venba knew that she loved Kavin since childhood, she (Venba) even attended their engagement. Venba says that time she didn’t love him and if Kavin hadn’t married her, she wouldn’t have been in this situation. Yazhini is certain that Kavin doesn’t love Venba. She has mesmerized him. She firmly says that Kavin only loves her (Yazhini) and asks to give 6 months to prove it to which Venba replies that if Kavin had any feelings for Yazhini, he wouldn’t have married her.

Yazhini says that’s because Venba played smartly and trapped him. Venba asks her to stop talking rubbish. Yazhini challenges Venba that in 6 months Kavin will confess that he loves her(Yazhini) and he will marry her and till that she shouldn’t consummate her marriage with Kavin. Venba is certain that even if it takes 6 years Kavin will never say or do anything like that. Yazhini asks her to accept her challenge then.

Venba agrees and promises that she will not consummate their marriage untill 6 months. Yazhini says this matter should be secret and particularly Kavin shouldn’t know about it Venba agrees. The latter asks if she fails to prove that Kavin loves her, after 6 moths she should move on in her life and accept to marry someone else. Yazhini accepts and confidently says that will never happen and leaves from there.

Kavin is very excited. When Venba enters the room, he happily lifts her. He expresses to Venba how happy he’s today. Venba feels very bad for him. Venba reveals to Kavin that she made a promise to Yazhini and tells him about Yazhini’s 6 months challenge and says she has accepted her challenge. Kavin gets angry. He snaps at her that they shouldn’t bother about others, and should live their lives.

Venba requests him to wait 6 months. Kavin asks how she can promise to Yazhini without his consent. He determinedly says today they will consummate their marriage and none can stop it. Venba requests him to understand her and says there’s one more reason for accepting Yazhini’s challenge. Her chithi requested her to change Yazhini’s heart and convince her for marriage. Kavin denies to accept it. He says he even ready to forcibly consummate their marriage. He goes closer to her while Venba keeps requesting him to stop. Venba shouts. It all turns to be Venba’s dream. She says Kavin will never agree to it, if she tells him the truth, so she decides to lie to him. She adds that she has to do it at least for the promise she had given to Chithi and prays to God to help her.

Otherside Yazhini shares with Gowri about her challenge and Gowri is elated. Yazhini says Venba is a sentimental idiot she accepted her challenge and promised to her. She is certain that she can change Kavin’s heart in these 6 months. She will make Kavin throw Venba out of the house and make him love her(Yazhini). Mallika comes there and praises Yazhini. She adds that Venba will keep her promise up since she’s Saradha’s daughter.

Dharma who hears everything, thinks Venba is his daughter and asks God to help him to tell this truth to all. Otherside Venba comes to the room. She’s wondering how to convince Kavin. Just then Kavin comes there. Venba apologizes to him crying. He asks her why she’s apologizing to him.

The episode ends.