Chithi 27th May 2022 Written Update: Kaniyan gets kidnapped.

Chithi 27th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini asking promise from Venba to never reveal that Gowri and Dharma are her parents. Venba asks her to not do so as it’s her life time wish to sleep on her parents lap. Yazhini asks her to forget about Mallika then. Venba says no and promises Yazhini. Kavin sees Venba walking aimlessly on road and asks the reason for her gloomy face. Venba cooks up excuse that she completed the pooja bit still couldn’t find her parents. Kavin says that everything can’t happen immediately and asks her to not lose hope. He takes Venba with him saying that they need to go for Yazhini’s wedding.

Natraj and Subbu sees Kavin and Yazhini coming down getting ready. Subbu scolds her for her simple look and makes her wear heavy jewellery. They say that they decided to themselves send them off to their house but also asks them to visit them atleast one day a week. Kavin and Venba assure that they would spend alternate days with them as they are also his parents. They gets happy hearing it and sends them giving their blessings. Venba meets with Gowri and Dharma smh gets emotional. She feels bad for Dharma whom she badmouthed without knowing the truth. Mallika alerts her men to get ready to kidnap Kaniyan. They asks whether they should only kidnap or kill him. Yazhini immediately intervenes and asks them not do anything to Kaniyan as he’s a good person. Mallika asks her to leave as she would take care.

Priest is doing pooja while Yazhini is getting ready. Kaniyan is also getting happily. His mother comes there and asks him to get ready soon as auspicious time is going. Kaniyan says that he would have invited his friends if it’s a big Mandapam and they would’ve got him ready but couldn’t as its temple. She leaves asking him to get ready. Venba comes to Yazhini and gets overwhelms seeing her in bridal attire. She says that she’s her sister as she’s Sharda’s daughter and it’s Sharda’s wish to see her married. She says Kaniyan is the best choice for her. Yazhini thinks that not Kaniyan but only Kavin is a her husband. Mallika’s men comes there and Kaniyan gets doubtful seeing them. They suddenly spray chloroform on his face and he faints. They kidnaps him leaving a letter.

Everyone calls for groom and Kavin leaves to get him. He finds room empty and Venba and Ravi comes there. They also check the room and finds the letter stating that Kaniyan ran away from the wedding as he has a lover . Everyone gets confused as Kaniyan never told anything like that to him. Kavin gives the letter to Kaniyan’s mother and everyone gets shocked. Gowri gets angry at Kaniyan but Kaniyan’s mother doesn’t believe it. She calls Kaniyan but finds the phone switched off. Gowri’s anger increases while Yazhini and Mallika watches smirking. Mallika plans her next move.