Chithi 28th May 2022 Written Update: The show ends on a happy note.

Chithi 28th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika asking Gowri what happened. Gowri says about Kaniyan leaving stating that he has a lover. Mallika asks what could happen to Yazhini’s marriage now. She again pretends blood vomiting. Kavin asks her not to get tensed as it would get solved. Mallika confronts Kavin and Venba tries convincing her. Mallika blames her for insulting Yazhini and wants her to die. Venba tries justifying herself so does Kavin. Mallika asks him to do what she says if he wants her to be alive. She asks Kavin to sit beside Yazhini and get married to her. She blackmails him to do the marriage if he wants her lie.

Kavin asks how could she say so when he’s already married to Venba. Mallika says it can’t be even considered marriage and forces Kavin to tie knot with Yazhini. Mallika pretends too sick and refuses to go to hospital. Venba asks Kavin to marry Yazhini. Kavin asks what’s she saying. Venba says he shouldn’t bear the bad name of killing his mother. Gowri asks Venba if she’s mad. Venba says that she knows how much Kavin loves his mother and she can’t see him in pain without his mother. She forces him to tie the knot with Yazhini if he really loves her.

Kavin sits near Yazhini as groom and Priest asks a lady to distribute atchadhai to everyone. Everyone are in pain except Yazhini and Mallika. Gowri and Venba picks the atchadhai in pain and Priest takes the thaali and gives it to Kavin. Kavin takes the thaali and is about to tie it around Yazhini’s neck when Dharma shouts stops. Dharma says that Kaniyan is found. Kaniyan comes there and everyone sighs in relief. Kaniyan says about goons kidnapping him and her father saving him. He ties the knot with Yazhini. Kaniyan marries Yazhini.

Venba calls Mallika to hospital but Mallika says she’ll go in sometime. Venba still pleads her and Kavin asks Venba to not plead. He says that Mallika has no disease and its all her plan to get him married to Yazhini. He says that the doctor revealed all the truth seeing him. He says that it was his mother who kidnapped Kaniyan and Ravi found where they kept Yazhini. He says that he’s the one who sent Dharma to rescue her but the thing he doesn’t know is why did she herself called Ravi and told about the hide out location. He asks Mallika to understand Venba who was ready to sacrifice her own husband for her sake. Mallika says that she don’t need anyone’s advice and asks Dharma to take the newly wed home. They all goes to home.

Gowri invites them taking arti. Venba and Kavin leaves saying that they can’t enter without paying back the money and starts leaving. Mallika calls Venba and also identifies her as her brother’s daughter shocking everyone. She says Gowri that Venba is her only daughter who she gave birth to and Gowri cries hearing it. Mallika says about following Yazhini to temple and witnessing their confrontation scene. Gowri hugs Venba and gets happy when she calls her mother. Gowri says that she always felt a weird connection towards her and can understand the reason now. She gets emotional and breaks down.

Mallika calls Venba near her and was astounded by her immense love and respect for her despite her doing all terrible things with her. Yazhini cries witnessing it all but Kaniyan supported her. They take Kavin and Venba rightfully in and Venba says Yazhini that she’s always the daughter of the house as she’s happy being the daughter in law. Kavin plans for honeymoon and Venba wants to go to Singapore to meet Sharda. Mallika also understands Sharda was right all along and wishes to reconcile with her.

The show ends on their happy faces.. The end..