Chithi 28th September 2020 Written Update: Mallika warns Saradha

Chithi 28th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saradha getting call from bank. The bank employee informs the manager will come to their site inspection with an hour and asks Saradha’s daughter to come. Saradha shares the news with her family who gets happy. She calls Venba and informs about the call from bank and leaves to their land with Shanmugam. Nandhini thinks in mind that she won’t let Saradha gets the loan.

Saradha and Shanmugam reaches to the place. Later the manager also comes to the site. He sees the site and assures they will get the loan. Shanmugam asks if they need to submit any documents. The manager says he checked their file and they already submitted everything. He asks his assistant to talk and goes from there.

The assistant asks them to give bribe so their file can move further and the loan get sanctioned. Saradha says being a teacher she teaches her students it’s wrong to give or get bribe and she will never give money. The assistant asks them to come the bank and leave from there with the manager.

Saradha and Shanmugam reache the bank. Venba happily runs to them and says they will get loan today. They meet the manager who questions if they pay the EMI correctly and if they read the terms and conditions. Venba answers his queries saying that her Chithi had read everything. The manager questions why she call her as Chithi.

Shanmugam says it doesn’t have any importance. Suddenly the manager gets a call and goes to the corner to speak. When he comes back, he asks them to go and he will call them when they will get the loan. Shanmugam says he came to their site for inspection and asked them to come here then why he suddenly says like this. The manager says Venba is an orphan and they didn’t mention about it in the documents. How he can give loan to an orphan.

Saradha shouts to stop. She says though she didn’t give birth to Venba, she is her daughter. Shanmugam questions there is no such rule which refuses loan to an orphan. The manager says arrogantly he won’t give loan to a person whose name is Saradha and asks what they can do. Saradha says if it was his decision he could have told it in the site itself. She says with confidence that she will complete the construction of her house within three months and will call him for the Graha Pravesh.

Venba cries saying because of her being an orphan Saradha was refused loan. Saradha consoles her and asks not to take his words in heart and says she is her everything. She asks Shanmugam to drop Venba in her office.

Mallika arrives there and taunts Saradha. She says she is refused loan since her daughter is an orphan and offers to give her money. Saradha replies she prefers to beg rather than taking her help. Mallika challenges Saradha she won’t get loan anywhere. She is plotting against her to send her to jail, she doesn’t know who she is.

Saradha says she knows she is a broker who arranges fake certificates for rich dunces. Because of people like her many hardworking students commit suicide. Mallika warns of killing her if she doesn’t stop searching for evidence against her. She says she can demolish her dream house within a second. Sharadha says if she falls from her position she will get mild scratches, but if Mallika falls from her position, nothing will remain and warns her to be careful.

The episode ends.