Chithi 29th July 2021 Written Update: Kavin gets dejected

Chithi 29th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin getting ready for an interview. He shows Venba two shirts and tells her to choose one. Venba chooses the white shirt. Venba feeds food to him. She tells Kavin to get advance money from his salary if he gets the job as they’re running out of money. Kavin agrees. Kavin tells Venba to come in front of him as she’s lucky for him. Venba obeys. On his way, Kavin meets the house in charge, who apologizes to Kavin for misunderstanding him for a poor. He motivates Kavin saying that he will get successful in his life.

Mallika, Yazhini and Gowri meet the company board members. The members say that the company functioning got affected ever since Kavin left the company and they demand to appoint a new CEO. Mallika shocks all of them announcing Yazhini as the CEO of Kavin Infotech. Gowri says that Yazhini doesn’t have any experience, so she won’t be able to handle such huge responsibility. The members also agree with Gowri. However Mallika stays firm in her decision. She says that she didn’t take any wrong decision till now and she has full trust on Yazhini. Mallika smirks and thinks that she didn’t fire Ravi yet so that he tells Kavin whatever happening in the company. Mallika believes that Kavin will get triggered knowing she appointed Yazhini as CEO. Yazhini thanks Mallika for trusting her and hugs her.

Anbu asks Nandhini where he can meet Mallika. Nandhini says that she doesn’t know and questions why he wants to meet Mallika. Anbu says that he wants to convince Mallika. Nandhini gets worried that Anbu will reconcile the mother and son. She tries to stop Anbu from meeting Mallika. Nandhini tells that it’s between a mother and a son, so Anbu shouldn’t interfere. Anbu says that he wouldn’t have interfered if it had remained only between Kavin and Mallika. Now Mallika crossed all limits and started trouble Kavin. She spoiled Kavin and Venba’s job opportunities and now she appointed Yazhini as the CEO of the company. Nandhini says that it’s Mallika’s company and she can appoint anyone she wants and asks how they can question her. Anbu says that Yazhini isn’t as talented as Kavin and her one mistake can cause company’s fall. Nandhini tells Anbu that if he talks to Mallika now, she will think that they’re scared and will trouble Kavin and Venba more. She can even get Kavin and Venba vacate from their house. Nandhini persuades Anbu for not meeting Mallika.

Kavin goes to meet a business friend. He tells him about his fight with his mother and tells that he has a project idea to do. He explains the project. The man says that the same project is already in process by Kavin’s friend’s dad company. He adds that they have come here for some official reasons and calls them to the cabin.

Kavin’s friend and dad apologize to Kavin for doing his project without informing to him. They try to justify their act. The dad tells Kavin that his mother appointed Yazhini as the company CEO and advises Kavin to reconcile with Mallika before their company faces nay huge loss. Kavin taunts him and walks away. Venba is waiting for Kavin to return without having dinner. She plays with Shivani. Kavin comes back and thanks Shivani for having spent the day with Venba. They send Shivani to her house. Venba notices that Kavin is upset.

The episode ends.