Chithi 29th October 2021 Written Update: Venba challenges Yazhini regarding Thala Diwali.

Chithi 29th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini mocking Venba for her job and says that Nandhini gave idea to visit Natraj and Subbu to reveal her true identity. She reminds Venba about the rivalry between Mallika and Subbu and is excited to watch her getting thrown out of the house. Kavin warns Yazhini against it but she mocks him too. Venba and Kavin gets worried. Natraj scolds Kavin for unusually absent minded while working and asks him to concentrate. Kavin apologizes and tries concentrating but Yazhini’s plan kept disturbing him.

Yazhini and Nandhini visit the house and Venba opens the door for them. They both mock her and asks her to prepare tea. After having the tea, they both mock Venba. Yazhini was about to reveal the truth when she gets a video message. Yazhini gets shocked seeing the message and urges Nandhini to leave stating some important work. When Subbu asks what’s the thing they wanted to say about Venba she says that they wanted to apologize her for doubting her. Saying they both leave. Yazhini shows the video to Nandhini in which Venba says about CCTV camera in the house and their conversation with watchman recorded.

Kavin and Venba mocks them and Yazhini taunts Venba that she would never get a normal girl’s happiness in her life. She says that she can’t even have a proper Thala Diwali as she’s an orphan and is hated by her mother in law. Venba challenges her that she will have proper Thala Diwali with all rights. Venba questions God that why she was tested so much despite no fault of hers. She meets with Baba who accurately says her life’s happenings. He advises her to worship Kula Deivam in order to have a proper clean life without worry. After Venba left Baba thinks that he did his duty by sending her to Kula Deivam temple and asks God to take care of the rest.