Chithi 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Kavin lashes out at Mallika

Chithi 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin asking Mallika’ and Yazhini to sit. Yazhini says that Kavin himself is a boss of thousands employees and asks why he’s working here as an employee. The owner scolds Kavin and tells him to make the customers to sit which angers Mallika. Yazhini tries to convince Kavin to come back home leaving Venba. The owner calls out Kavin and tells to show the jewelry designs to the customers. Yazhini says that she can’t see him like this and requests him to come with her to start a new life. The owner tells Kavin to show new designs. Kavin obeys.

Yazhini says that this is the limit and asks Kavin to decide. Kavin says that this job is his life and request not to play with it. The owner comes to Kavin and scolds him for not doing his work properly. He pushes Kavin. Mallika gets furious and slaps the owner. Mallika’ defends Kavin and asks the owner how he dared to slap Kavin. She tells that Kavin is the owner of Kavin Infotech and he is her son. She warns the owner to disrespect Kavin and lashes out at him. She angrily walks out followed by Yazhini. Kavin apologizes to the owner. The latter scolds Kavin and tells him to get out. Kavin gets disheartened and walks out.

Yazhini stops Mallika and requests her to convince Kavin to come back home. A raged Kavin comes to Yazhini and Mallika. Kavin scolds Yazhini for behaving mannerlessly in public place. He says that they acted like that so that he get fired from his job and he will never forgive them for this. Mallika says that she gave him all luxurious, but he rejected all that for Venba. Kavin says that he considered Mallika above the God, but she’s heartless, who gets happiness by ruining his happiness. She’s no longer a mother. He will never call her as mother in this live which shocks Mallika and Yazhini. Kavin angrily moves away. Mallika calls out Kavin, but he ignores her.

Kavin is wandering recalling Venba asking to get advance money from his salary as they have groceries only for two days. Kavin goes to a tea stall. He checks his pocket and sees that he has only twenty rupees. He enquiresthe cost of tea and a bhaji. The man says 10 rupees each. Kavin gets one bhaji and one tea. A small girl comes to Kavin and requests him to get her a bhaji as she is starving. Kavin gives her his bhaji and tea. He drinks water and leaves from there.

Venba is reading newspapers looking for any job advertisement. She prays that she should also get any job like Kavin so that she can help Kavin to earn one crore rupees in one year. She notices a job add. She reads that a girl who knows to handle family are needed to look after his wife. Venba notes the address and decides to contact them.

The episode ends.