Chithi 2nd December 2020 Written Update: Kavin meets with an accident

Chithi 2nd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with the inspector getting ready to take Mallika to the court. Dharma and Deveraj come to meet Mallika who asks Deveraj if he has done his work. Deveraj says he missed the targets.

 Mallika scold him. A FB is shown where Dharma gives money to Dharma and says he has canceled the plan as he doesn’t want his sister get in more trouble. He asks what to tell when she ask. Dharma asks to bear her scoldings. FB end. Mallika tells Dharma to kill Saradha’s family somehow and leaves with Police.

Venba is waiting for Kavin near a park. Kavin comes there. Venba says to Kavin Nandhini is responsible for the marriage got broken. Kavin smiles saying he wished to break this marriage. Venba says Mallika did illegal things. Saradha warned her plenty of time at the end she kidnapped Arun without any option.

Kavin says his mom is innocent. Venba says her chithi never lies. Kavin says somehow her chithi is involved in this. He says first he wants to bring his mom out. Venba says Mallika is a wrong person. She says Mallika kidnapped her and attempted to kill her. Saradha hid the truth so that the marriage doesn’t get broken. Kavin refuses to believe her. He says someone must have compulled his mom to do so. He says first prove his mom’s innocence then he will bring her as his wife.

 Venba says he and Yazhini should get united as that’s what her chithi wants. Kavin tries to convince Venba but she walks away. Kavin keeps following her. While crossing the road a car hit Kavin who follows down. Venba cries calling his name. An ambulance come. Venba gets into the ambulance with Kavin. She holds Kavin’s hand crying. She calls Saradha and informs about Kavin’s accident. She then calls Yazhini and informs about the same. Venba cries holding her thali.

Kavin is taken to the hospital. Venba pleads with the doctor to save Kavin. She prays to God to save Kavin’s live. The nurse asks to sign the form as Kavin’s wife. Venba signs it. She pleads with the nurse to save Kavin. The nurse asks to pray to God. Venba cries remembering Kavin marrying her at the temple.

Saradha reaches the hospital. She asks Venba what happened. Venba says she went to meet Kavin to talk about office matter. He met with an accident while crossing the road. He’s serious and treatment is going. Yazhini also reaches hospital with Dharam. She questions how the accident happened. When Saradha tries to speak she shuts her. Venba explains what happened. Yazhini cries asking to meet Kavin. Dharma tries to console her. Saradha and Venba go and stand in a corner.

 Venba cries placing her head on Saradha’s shoulder while Saradha looks at Yazhini who is crying. Dharma calls the inspector. He asks to speak to Mallika. He informs about Kavin’s accident. Mallika gets shocked. She asks how he’s now. Dharma says treatment is going on. She asks the hospital name and says she will come there.

Mallika requests the inspector to take her to the hospital as her son met with an accident. The inspector orders to go to the hospital. Mallika comes to the hospital. She asks how her son is. Dharma tries to reassure her saying nothing will happen to Kavin. Mallika cries why God is testing her.

Mallika notices Saradha and Venba. She questions what they’re doing here. Dharma says Venba took Kavin to hospital. Mallika asks to send them out of the hospital. Mallika goes to Saradha. She asks if she has come to see their sufferings. She asks them to leave the hospital before her anger reaches the peak.

The episode ends.