Chithi 2nd June 2021 Written Update: The moment when Kavin marries Venba without her knowledge

Chithi 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin telling about his secret marriage with Venba. He says that he married Venba without her knowledge. A FB shows. Kavin stops Venba from leaving the temple. Venba says that her chithi is here and she doesn’t want her chithi spots her. Kavin convinces Venba to stay till the Goddess marriage and takes her to the place where the Goddess marriage is taking place.

Kayal and her family members stands around Kavin and Venba so that no one spot them. Venba tells Kavin that she us scared seeing the way he’s acting and requests him to let her go. Kavin requests her to stay. Kavin asks Kayal for Thali. Kayal tells it’s on the way. Kavin gets tensed. The thali supposed to be tied around Goddess neck falls on Kavin’s hand. Kavin gets happy thinking that even God wants their marriage happens. The priest notices the Thali is missing and shouts. Saradha recalls taking a Thali which she found on the ground. It was the same Thali that Kavin lost it accidentally. Saradha gives that Thali to the priest. The Goddess marriage takes place. All are busy showering on Goddess. Meanwhile Kavin ties the Thali around Venba’s neck. Venba looks at Kavin getting dumbstruck. Tears started flowing from her eyes.

Later Kayal apologizes to Venba. The latter says that they all haven’t thought about her situation. She asks how she will face her family. Kayal says it’s not easy, but her love for Kavin will give her strength. Venba says that she has come to say that she doesn’t love Kavin. She breaks down. Kayal consoles Venba and motivates her. Kayal says that she will definitely thank her in the future. She further advises Kavin. She says that she fulfilled her promise and now he has to support his wife and should never let her down. Kayal and her family take leave. Venba asks Kavin why he married her without her knowledge. She says that she was an orphan, but her chithi brought her up. She wanted to fulfill her Chithi’s dream, but he spoiled everything. Kavin says that he will never come between her and her dreams. Venba says that she can send jail for marrying her without her consent. Kavin replies that he’s ready to go to the jail, but he prefers to go as her husband. Venba angrily walks away. Kavin goes after.

Kavin and Venba are in their respective house and thinking about each other. Venba talks to Kavin’s photo in her mobile. She says that she always considered him as a best friend only, never as a lover. Venba imagines Kavin in front of her. Meanwhile Kavin imagines Venba. Kavin asks Venba if he did wrong by marrying her. Venba says yes he did wrong. Yazhini loves him and he should marry her. Kavin says but he loves only Venba. The latter says that she is only his staff and she doesn’t deserve to be his wife. Yazhini deserves Kavin. Kavin tries to convince that their marriage is right. Venba tries to prove he did wrong. Kavin lastly asks Venba to says that she doesn’t love her by placing hand on her hand. Venba remains quiet.

The episode ends.