Chithi 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Kavin insults Yazhini

Chithi 2nd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba taking care of Dharma. He tries to say something to her and move his hand to sign her the cupboard. Venba gets worried and calls everyone to come. Family members come there. Venba says that Dharma tried to speak by moving his head and hand and says that he’s getting well. Mallika says he often do like this. Venba suggests to take him to the hospita. Gowri leaves saying she has some urgent work.

Mallika says the doctor will come back India on 27th, then they will take him to the doctor and leaves. Yazhini says to Venba not to overact and leaves. Dharma cries thinking that he tried to recall Venba about what he had already told her in the hospital, but she misunderstood it.

Kavin finds Venba disturbed and asks what happened. Venba says why none take Dharma’s condition seriously. He might be done many wrong deeds in his life, but still he doesn’t deserve to be in this condition. Kavin is proud of Venba that she cares for the person who tried to kill her.

Venba says he should get well soon, he told her about a secret in the hospital, and even today he tried to sign her something that’s near to the cupboard. Kavin assures her that they will take him to the doctor as soon as he will come back from abroad. Venba says Dharma should start speaking soon, since she can’t see him suffering like this.

Otherside Yazhini talks to her own reflection on the mirror and says Venba is acting like caring for her dad to impress Kavin and says she will not let her win. She remembers Kavin tying Venba’s blouse’s back knot and romancing her. She gets an idea. She comes wearing a saree and says now her game will start.

Yazhini notices Kavin checking his mobile. She calls out Kavin and asks him to help to tie her blouse’s back knot. Kavin understands Yazhini’s plan. He calls out Venba and asks her to help Yazhini to tie her blouse’s knot and leaves. Yazhini fumes. She shouts at Venba and slams the door in her face.

Yazhini says that Kavin insulted her in front of that Venba, but she will not leave him. Venba brings juice for Yazhini and asks her to have it and cool down. She adds that none can stand in the competition with her for Kavin since he loves only her. She confidently says that Kavin can never think about anyone else. She further says that if she agrees she’s ready to find a good match for her. Yazhini asks if she’s doing a charity work.

Venba denies and says she’s doing for her chithi, who wished to see her marriage, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Yazhini calls her chithi a fraud. Venba warns her not to speak ill of her chithi else she can even kill her. Venba calms herself down and apologizes to Yazhini. She says that she remembers her challenge, but Yazhini failed in her first attempt. She leaves while Yazhini fumes.

The next day morning, Kavin comes down getting ready for office. Venba serves him his breakfast. He asks her to make dosa for him. He looks at Mallika, Yazhini and Gowri sitting on the sofa and thinks something.

The episode ends.