Chithi 31st October 2021 Written Update: Mallika’s life at risk

Chithi 31st October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba and Kavin asking leave from Natraj and Subbu. They both struggle to lie and makes various mistakes and finally manage to get leave. They both starts leaving to Kula Deivam Temple with Ravi. While they were driving on speed, Ravi asks Kavin to slow down a bit as he’s scared but Kavin says he finally got the chance and can’t let it go. A lorry driver is seen drinking and driving in a rash way. He approaches Kavin and Venba’s car and they get scared seeing his driving. They were about to hit the lotry but Kavin immediately diverts it and escapes from getting hit. Ravi scolds Kavin for rash driving despite him saying to not to. Kavin apologizes and Ravi asks whether they should continue with the journey as he don’t see a good sign. Venba says they must. Baba who was watching it with his wisdom eye prays God to save those who are on their way to meet them. He says that anyone can lose their life and prays for them to come back safe. Venba forces Kavin to continue. Kavin asks Ravi to drive and they all exchange seats.

At temple side, Inspector alerts constable to have a proper eye on everyone. He says that the temple belongs to 108 people and everyone are against each other. The main enemies are Pulikutty and Mallika Devi and there are lots of chances for anything bad happening in the thiruvizhaa. He asks them to keep a close watch on everyone. Kavin, Venba and Ravi comes to temple and Kavin asks Ravi to find a place to stay. Ravi mocks the village as a backward place when a guy got angry and warns him. He shows them a place to stay. They all gets surprised seeing it having all the facilities. Kavin sends to Ravi to another room and tries romancing with Venba but Venba cuts him off.

Natraj and Subbu also comes to the same temple and Subbu misses Kavin. She wishes to adopt him as her son. Subbu’s brother Subramani greets them and Subbu enquires about his son. He complaints that his son is not getting married as he is too filmy and wants a girl of his choice who fulfills all his filmy fantasies. He asks Subbu to advise him to correct his way. Subbu says she will. His son gets introduced and he asks Subbu to just get him married to the girl whom he pinpoints. Subbu agrees and he takes Natraj and Subbu home.

Mallika and Yazhini too comes there and Mallika recalls the time when she exposed Pulikutty of theft and him trying to Stab her. However she handled him and pinned him down before he could attack. He got arrested. Village’s respected people greets Malika and praises her guts to be back despite threat for her life. Mallika says she has 14 companies and deals with such type of rowdies daily. She says she’s not scared. Pulikutty is seen watching her. He recalled when Mallika exposed him selling God’s jewels and getting him arrested with full proof. He also recalled when Village people detached his family from village earning him insult. He says that he would be at peace only after he kills Mallika in the same where he was insulted. Mallika and Yazhini are walking and Yazhini asks whether the temple was built by them. Mallika says a part of the temple was built by them but its combined activity.

Precap : Yazhini and Venba will be present in pooja and they both will get shocked seeing Yazhini and Mallika. They will try to escape from their eyes only to bump with Natraj and Subbu. Mallika will see them together and will get angry. On the other hand, Pulikutty will be approaching Mallika to kill her.