Chithi 3rd November 2021 Written Update: Venba wins in her challenge

Chithi 3rd November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Priest performing pooja and paying respect to Mallika. Everyone is in aww seeing her bold and beauty. Venba too praises her beauty. She starts taking rounds with God’s idol when Pulikutty and his men comes there dressed up like tiger dance artist. They perform tiger dance while taking rounds and slowly gets close to Mallika. Pulikutty mingles in the crowd and Police doesn’t notice him. He grabs the knife and is about to stab Mallika from behind. Subbu feels dizzy and Natraj makes her sit. They both will spot Pulikutty about to attack Mallika.

Before he could stab her Venba catches the knife. He doesn’t leave her and her hand bleeds profusely. Both Venba and Kavin fight Pulikutty and his men. Police arrests the men. Kavin takes care of Venba while village men urges Mallika to continue the round as its inauspicious. Yazhini and Nandhini are glad that Mallika still didn’t give any attention to Venba. Natraj and Subbu fails to notice the chaos. Kavin convinces Venba to take her to clinic and they leave.

Mallika completes the custom. Village people praise Mallika for successfully completing the ritual. Mallika is about to go when Kavin says that it’s because of Venba the ritual got completed without any hindrance and she needs to be acknowledged for her act. Village people agrees with him and urges Mallika to bless Venba with garland and jewel. Mallika is forced to gift Venba for village people’s compulsion. Mallika put garland on Venba unwilling while Yazhini fumes.

Kavin and Venba will get happy. Mallika is furious when village people force her to gift jewel to Venba. She puts her chain on Venba while Venba and Kavin smirk at Yazhini as they won their challenge. Mallika is forced to apply vermilion on Venba’s forehead. Kavin and Venba fall on her feet for blessings and she blesses them having no option. She applies vermilion for both and Venba will make her apply vermillion on nuptial chain too. Yazhini is furious. Mallika leaves while Kavin asks if she’s happy that she won the challenge. Venba nods yes and they both thanks God.

Pooja continues and Natraj, Subbu and Mallika are together. Kavin and Venba stands at a distance. Village head says that though there are 108 families who holds rights on the temple its only Mallika and Subbu who holds main rights. He says that for the last three years its Mallika who won parivattam respect and now again they played lot and for the next year Subbu wins and gets the respect for next year. Everyone gets happy while Mallika fumes.