Chithi 4th February 2022 Written Update: Yazhini faints during Pooja.

Chithi 14th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini asking Mallika that when would Venba faint as pooja is about to end. Mallika asks her to wait as she would faint anytime soon. Venba asks Mallika to open the name board of their company too. Mallika refuses but guests force her to do it. She opens the name board revealing the name is KV technology. Kavin says this is the company through which they are going to defeat her. He says KV means Kavin and Venba.

Yazhini faints all of a sudden shocking everyone. Dharma says that she would’ve fainted as she didn’t eat anything in the morning. Venba mocks him asking if she fainted without food or due to the drug gave by Mallika. Venba recites Mallika’s plan to make any one of them faint and rush them to hospital to spoil the pooja. Everyone got shocked hearing it and badmouths Mallika. Mallika loses her respect.

Mallika scolds them for believing Venba’s words. Venba further says that she already got the news which is why they exchanged the coffee. Mallika asks Dharma to call ambulance. Venba asks why would she need ambulance as nothing will happen due to the medicine. She asks her to put Yazhini to rest in a corner and sit with her. Mallika gets angry and asks why would they stay there. She leaves while Dharma and Gowri helps Yazhini to car with Singaram and Ravi helping them.

Subbu asks Venba to explain what ever happened clearly. Venba recalls Gowri informing about Mallika’s plan to her which is why they played the game. Gowri is scared to go Home as Mallika wouldn’t leave her easily. She still doesn’t mind and takes her leave wishing all the best to Venba and Kavin. Kavin is upset with his mother’s deed and Subbu and Natraj asks him not to mind. They say that it’s Mallika’s habit to never experience failure. She would destroy the person who failed her and it was the same all this while. However he says that they flopped her.

He asks Kavin to sit in Chairman’s seat. Kavin says that the seat always belongs to Natraj. However everyone forces him to sit in the seat. Kavin sits royally.

At night, Kavin finds Venba missing and comes searching for her. Venba is working and Kavin asks about it. Venba says that though they’ve got the company they need find a project before Mallika could snatch it. She says she just found a suitable project.

Kavin says he already knows about it. Venba says it’s impossible as they just posted it. Kavin keeps a bet that if he guess it right then she would give three kisses to him. A confident Venba agrees for the challenge. Kavin rightly guesses it as Police traffic CCTV making project. Venba is surprised that he’s right and fulfills her promise kissing him. Suddenly Venba shouts.