Chithi 4th June 2021 Written Update: Kavin turns savior for Venba

Chithi 4th June 2021 Written Update on

Venba is brought to a godown. The boss’s of the goon threatens to kill Venba. The latter questions him who he’s and why he kidnapped her. The boss phones Mallika and informs that he has kidnapped Venba. Mallika tells him to bring Venba to her place. Venba threatens them to complain to the Police. The boss pushes Venba. Kavin comes there. He fights the goons. The goons overpowers them and trashes him. Kavin gets unconscious. The goons take Venba from there.

Saradha phones Kavin. The latter gains his consciousness and looks for Venba and realizes that she was shifted. Kavin attends Saradha’s call and tells her what happened. He says that he tries hard to save Venba, but failed. Saradha asks him to go to the hospital while she will find Venba.

Venba tries to run. The boss makes her unconscious using a chloroform. Kavin is determined to save Venba at any cost. He drives off to find Venba. Meanwhile Saradha manages to locate Venba and saves Venba from Mallika’s evil plan. Venba gains her conciousness. She assures her parents that she’s fine and asks to find out what happened to Kavin. He tried to save her, but the goons beated him up. Kavin comes there. Venba gets teary eyes seeing Kavin severely injured. Kavin ignores his pain and asks how Venba is. Venba wants to take Kavin to the hospital, but Kavin refuses to come. He apologizes to Saradha for not being able to keep his promise and protect Venba. He remembers the goons face and says that he won’t spare them. Venba requests her dad to take Kavin to the hospital. Kavin says that he will manage by himself and tells Venba to be careful. He leaves while Venba looks at him worried.

Mallika tells Kavin about a super jodi competition and says that she wishes that Kavin and Yazhini participate in that competition and win. Kavin refuses. Mallika compels Kavin to take part along with Yazhini saying it will be helpful for their business growth. Kavin is still not convinced. Mallika asks him to do it for her and praises Yazhini. Kavin agrees without any option. Mallika tells Dharma to take Kavin and Venba to the competition as she has some official work. She tells Kavin thst they should win in the competition.

Kavin and Yazhini reaches the competition venue. They get amazed seeing the decorations. Yazhini gets excited seeing her and Kavin’s cutout and starts clicking pics. Kavin notices the cutouts of Venba’s brothers and sisters-in-law. He thinks if they are participating, Venba’s family will definitely attend the competition. He prays to God that Venba should come along with her family. Just then Venba and her family reach the venue. Kavin gets overjoyed and imagines a romantic scene with Venba. Venba also notices Kavin and gets nervous.

The episode ends.