Chithi 4th May 2021 Written Update: Kavin refuses to accept Venba’s gift

Chithi 4th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba serving the food. Ravi asks Kavin to have lunch, but Kavin refuses. Ravi panicks and says that Venba will not give him food if he doesn’t have food. Kavin stays firm in his decision. Venba tells that she had sent him a voice note and asks him to go aside and listen to it. Kavin goes to a corner and plays Venba’s voice note. Venba says that if Kavin doesn’t eat the food she made for him, she will drink poison. She asks him to have lunch and then praises her cooking. At last she will give him a gift and he should accept it. Kavin gets worried hearing the voice note and decides to have the food without any option.

Ravi is enjoying the meal. Kavin silently sits and starts eating. Venba asks Ravi to tell Kavin to have food smiling. Ravi tells Kavin to smile, but Kavin doesn’t pay attention to him. Venba shows the poison that she had tied in her saree pallu and threatens kavin. Kavin fakes a smile and continues eating. Ravi and Kavin finish lunch. Ravi thanks Venba for tasty food and leaves from there.

Venba tells Kavin that she’s going to gift him something and he should accept it. She gives the watch and says that every time, he will look at time in the watch, he will see her. She ties the watch around Kavin’s wrist. kanala kanala song plays in the BG.

Venba waits for the cab. Venba asks Kavin if he liked the lunch, but Kavin remains quiet. Venba apologizes to Kavin for threatening him. She asks him to speak. Kavin returns Venba the watch and says that every time, he will see this watch, it will remind him only her challenge with Yazhini and her lie to him. Venba looks shocked. He will definitely gets upset seeing her face, so he asks Venba to keep the watch with her. He hands the watch to Venba and goes inside ignoring Venba calling out his name. Venba says that he hates her so much that he even returned her gift. She says that Kavin is being unjust and cries. The cab comes. Venba gets into it.

Kavin is sad thinking about Venba while Venba cries wondering when Kavin will forgive her. Venba says that she can’t break her promise as she’s worried that may have any negative consequences on him. Kavin phones Venba. Venba asks why he’s calling her now. Kavin asks Venba to wipe her tears and says that he didn’t accept this gift because that watch has her face and Navin is acting like him, so there’s chances for Navin to wear this watch. He can’t allow anyone else to wear the watch which has her face, even if it’s his brother. He says that he will accept the gift once Navin matter will solve. Venba gets elated and kisses her phone multiple times.

Yazhini is on the way in the car. Yazhini thinks that she should seduce Kavin again and drag him to her side again. She stops the cap seeing Kavin’s car parked outside a restaurant. She pays the driver the money and gets down from the car. Yazhini thinks that Venba brought lunch for Kavin, but he has come to the restaurant to have lunch as he doesn’t want to eat food made by Venba. She gets happy and goes inside the restaurant. She spots Kavin (Navin) and waves hi. Navin gets shocked seeing Yazhini there.

The episode ends.