Chithi 7th June 2021 Written Update: Kavin and Venba meet in the best couple’s competition

Chithi 7th June 2021 Written Update on

Venba and her family enter the hall where the competition is going to take place. Yazhini gets excited on seeing Saradha and her family. She goes to Saradha and expresses her joy of meeting her here and takes Saradha’s blessings touching her feet dragging Kavin. Yazhini reveals that she’s participating in the competition with Kavin and seeks Saradha’s blessings to win the title. Saradha assures that they will be the winner. Yazhini leaves dragging Kavin witg her while Kavin keeps staring at Venba.

Kavin and Yazhini go to their room. Kavin makes some excuses to Yazhini and walks out. He phones Venba and flirts with her calling her as his wife which irritates Venba. Venba denies the fact that they’re husband and wife since she dropped the Thali in the donation box. Kavin says that he feels a kick while calling her as his wife. Venba tries to make Kavin understand her situation. Venba turns and stops talking with Kavin finding Yazhini standing in front of her. Venba cuts the call and lies that she was on call with Nandhini, who is also one of the contestant of the competition.

Yazhini takes Venba to her room and she serves coffee for both of them. Yazhini accidentally pours Venba’s. While Venba bents down to clean the coffee, the thali comes out. Before Yazhini can notice it Venba’s phone rings. Kavin is calling her. Kavin cuts the call just a second before Yazhini attends it. Venba realizes that the thali has come out and she adjusts it.

Venba walks out of the room. She collides with Kavin. The latter pins her to the wall without letting her to go. He says that she looks more beautiful after their marriage and flirts with her. Venba tells him that her family is also present in the hotel and they spot them together like that she will be in trouble. Venba pushes Kavin slightly and walks away, but she stops at the staircase and glances at him before moving away.

Kavin gete ready for the competition. Yazhini makes him wear the coat. Kavin feels uncomfortable yet he let her to make him wear the coat without any option. Kavin and Yazhini are having a talk while Dharma, Yazhini’s dad comes there. He sees Yazhini’s high heels sandals. He gets an idea to prevent Yazhini from participating in the competition. He slowly picks one of the sandals and breaks the heel and puts it back. He hides and watches. Kavin asks Yazhini if she hasn’t got ready. Yazhini remembers that she left her dress in the car and goes to bring it. Yazhini stumbles while walking with the broken heel and falls down hurting her leg. Her leg is sprained. Yazhini shouts in pain. Kavin rushes to her. He lifts her in his arms and brings her to the room. Dharma is overjoyed that his plan worked perfectly.

The end.