Chithi 7th May 2021 Written Update: Venba complains to Kavin about Navin

Chithi 7th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Navin apologizing to Venba and assuring that he will keep distance with Yazhini. Venba says that she and Kavin will completely support him to achieve his motive, but they can’t help him if he gets distracted from his original motive and leaves from there. Gowri watches Venba angrily going out of the guestroom and gets happy thinking that Venba would have reprimanded Kavin and hereafter Kavin will not try to get close with Yazhini. Navin says that Venba was very angry and wonder whether he crossed his limits with Yazhini.

Venba phones Kavin and tells that Navin had lunch with Yazhini, then took her for shopping and beated the goons to impress Yazhini. Venba further says that Navin is crossing all his limits with Yazhini. She advises to ask Navin to stay in any hotel. Kavin refuses. Venba says that he’s not understanding the seriousness of this matter and adds that she will whatsapp him Yazhini and Navin’s photo and cuts the call. Kavin sees the photos and thinks that Venba was right, Navin crossed all his limits.

Kavin reaches home. Kavin tries to sneak into the house through the balcony. Kavin checks his phone and finds many missed calls from Kavin. Navin just then notices Kavin trying to enter the house through the balcony. Navin sees Yazhini coming that way. Navin pretends that the dirt has gone into his eyes and asks Yazhini to help him, so that Yazhini doesn’t notice Kavin. Yazhini blows air into Kavin’s eye. Gowri sees this and misunderstands that they’re sharing a kiss. Gowri fumes in anger. Mallika comes there and she also think that Yazhini and Kavin (Navin) are kissing and gets happy. Mallika congratulates Gowri and walks away. Venba goes by that side, stops seeing Yazhini and Navin together. Venba also misunderstands them on seeing their position.

Venba angrily goes to Navin and Yazhini. She drags Navin away from Yazhini and scolds him. She angrily walks away. Gowri watches this and says that Kavin doesn’t even bother that Venba angrily walks away and fumes.

Venba comes back to the room and mutters that because of Navin, Kavin’s image is getting spoiled. Kavin asks Venba to stop complaining about Navin and tells that Navin pretended that the dirt went into his eyes to distract Yazhini and saves Kavin from getting caught. Venba says that she’s not understanding. Kavin explains that he was slowly trying to get into the house through the balcony, but that time Yazhini came there and Navin distracted Yazhini so that she doesn’t see him. Venba realizes that she misunderstood Navin and feels guilty. Venba apologizes to Kavin.

Someone knocks on the door, Venba goea to check. She finds Navin at the doorstep and invites him to come inside. Navin complains to Kavin that Venba scolded her lot toadya and adds that he feels bad. Navin justifies his action. Kavin says that he knows everything. Kavin further says to Navin that now he’s acting like him, so asks to be more careful with Yazhini. Venba says that Navin should start staying in any hotel. Navin says that he started getting Mallika’s love and requests Venba not to snatch it from him. Venba says then Kavin should accept her condition. Kavin and Navin look puzzled.

The episode ends.