Chithi: Kavin to demand Venba to leave her job

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SunTV’s popular daily soap Chithi2 is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episode with Kavin and Venba finding out each other lie and getting mad at each other.

In the previous episode it was shown that Venba was taken to a welder to cut the vessel. The welder cut the vessel. Venba requested the welter to put the vessel over head again a d explained the reason behind it. Kavin overheard Venba and learned the truth. Venba got shocked on finding Kavin. Venba also learned Kavin lied to her, he is working as driver when Natraj called Kavin as driver. Later Venba and Kavin argued over the same. Kavin was upset with Venba that she lied to him. Venba reminded him that he also lied to her. She justified her act by saying that she wanted to help Kavin to win his challenge. Kavin didn’t convince. They fought and sat without eating the dinner brought by them for each other.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that venba will be working in the kitchen. Kavin will angrily come to Venba and will ask why she has come to the work in spite of him asking her to leave the job. Venba will say with determination that she will continue to work here until her husband gets a suitable job for his studies. Natraj will see Kavin and Venba fighting.

Did Natraj hear Venba and Kavin’s conversation? Did he find that Kavin and Venba are husband and wife?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Keep watching the show and keep checking this space for latest update of your favorite Tamil shows.