Chithi: Saradha confronts Mallika

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Sun TV’s popular daily soap Chithi is back with season 2 and it didn’t fail to entertain its audience since the first episode. The show is all set to get more interesting in the upcoming episodes.

The show’s story revolves around Saradha, a teacher, and her family.

Previously it was seen that Saradha came to know through the spy camera that Venba’s life is in danger. She asked Venba to come home and asked Kavin to drop Venba at home. The latter refused to go with Kavin and took an auto. Kavin followed Venba’s auto. The driver took Venba to Devaraj’s place. Kavin came there and fought with goons. The goons overpowered Kavin and beat him. He fell unconscious. Mallika showed unconscious Venba to Saradha through the spy camera and asked her to watch her daughter dying. Saradha and Shanmugam found out the godown where Venba is kept and saved her.

In the upcoming episode, Deveraj will call Mallika and inform that Venba got saved. Mallika will be shocked and will question who saved her. That time Saradha will come to Mallika’s home and will say she saved Venba. Saradha will confront Mallika and will say her destruction is started. Mallika will challenge Saradha that she will Kill Venba. Saradha will give a befitting reply to Mallika and will say to be ready to lose to her.

What will be Mallika’s new plan to kill Venba? How will Saradha protect Venba from Mallika’s evil plan? Will Kavin come to know his mom attempted to kill Venba? How will he react?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favourite show Chithi 2, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.