Chithi: Saradha teaches Gowri a lesson.

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Sun TV’s popular daily soap Chithi is back with season 2 and it didn’t  fail to entertain its audience since the first episode. The show is all set to get more intresting in the upcoming episodes.

The show’s story revolves around Saradha, a teacher and her family.

Previously it was seen that Kavin asked Venba to select his engagement dress. Gowri took Venba inside lift and spoke ill of her. She pulled Venba by the hair and warned her to stay away from Kavin, if not she will kill her.

In the upcoming it will be shown that Saradha will question Venba what happened, why her hair is messed up. Venba will lie due fan in the lift her got messed up. Saradha will understand what happened with Venba inside the lift she will ask Venba to go and arrange her hair. Saradha will take Gowri inside the lift and will pull her by the hair like Gowri pulled Venba. Saradha will lash out at Gowri for hurting Venba and will say not to think that she is a teacher so she can’t anything. Later a worried Dharma will meet Venba and will ask her to leave her job as there’s thread for her life. Venba will not ready to believe him and questions who he is for her and why he cares si much for her. Dharma will tell Venba that she is his daughter. Venba will look on shocked.

When the truth about Venba being Dharma’s daughter will be revealed? What will be Gowri’s reaction? Will Gowri accept Venba? What will happen to Yazhini?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favourite show Chithi 2, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.