Chithi: Venba to land in trouble

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Sun TV’s popular show Chithi2 is all set for more drama with Yazhini getting determined to not let Dharma recover so that the truth Venba is Gowri daughter never comes to the light.

Yazhini overheard the conversation between Mallika and the lawyer and learned that Mallika and Dharma’s parents wrote all the properties on Mallika’s son and Dharma’s daughter’s names and the property will get transferred on their names legally if they get married in one month else all the property will go to some trust. Yazhini got furious hearing this and decided to kill Dharma, who knew the truth. She approached Dharma to strangle him. Dharma got scared and tried to move his body. After lot of efforts he stood up on his leg and fell down. Mallika and Gowri came hearing Dharma’s cry. They got happy that Dharma tried to move. He started to recover which shocked Yazhini.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Kavin will be changing the car tyre. That time Venba will come to the work. Kavin will panic and will cover his head with a cloth so that Venba doesn’t see his face. Venba will find the driver sitting on the walking way and will tell him to sit on the side and do his work so that others doesn’t face any obstacles to walk. Kavin will nod ok. Later Venba will be cooking wearing chef costume. Kavin will come there Venba will get shocked on seeing Kavin and wil wonder how to escape.

Will Kavin see Venba? Will Venba escape this time also?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Keep watching the show and keep checking this space for latest updates of your favorite Tamil shows.