Chithi2: Venba to find a solution

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SunTV’s much loved show Chithi2 is gearing up for more drama with Kavin and Venba fighting together against Mallika’s evil plan.

In the previous episodes it was seen that Mallika put on emotional act. She acted as she got chest pain. Kavin, who was aware of his mother’s cunning nature, catches her lie. He walked away with Venba ignoring Mallika’s drama. A furious Mallika vent out her anger by breaking the things at home. Gowri advised Mallika to accept Kavin and Venba’s marriage since she can’t separate them. Mallika vowed to trouble Kavin and to force him to leave Venba and to come fo her.

Meanwhile Kavin and Venba were searching house for rent. Ravi spotted them. Ravi was unhappy that Kavin and Venba didn’t contact him for help and expressed the same to them. Venba ckaried that Ravi work for Mallika and if they take his help, he will land in trouble. Ravi is determined to help them. Kavin an Venba agree to take his help and share with him about searching a house rent. Ravi assured them to help.

Ravi went apart to contact Anbu to ask to transfer the money he promised to give to help Kavin and Venba. Nandhini received the call. She scolded Ravi before disconnecting the call.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Venba will find out that Ravi contacted Anbu for help. Venba and Kavi will scold Ravi and will express their unhappiness. Ravi will apologize to them. Venba will find a solution to get money. She will give her hold nuptial chain to Kavin and will ask him to sell it and get money. They will think of using that money to pay the rent advance.

Will Venba and Kavin find a house for rent? Mallika will succeed to prevent them get a house?

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