Choti Sardarni 10th December 2020 Written Update: Harleen slaps Aditi

Choti Sardarni 10th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aditi asks Sarab to give Karan to Vikram. She says she and Vikram will do good upbringing of Karan and will give parents love to him and says this is her condition. Sarab shocks and looks at Meher.

 Harleen tells Sarab to think before taking any decision because his decision going to change everything. She says now this matter is not just about Karan’s upbringing but it’s also about Aditi’s happiness and this family’s bond. She says according to her he should give Karan to them. He says he won’t give Karan and says how can she ask him to give his life to them.

 Aditi says if he won’t give then she has to think about the another way to get Karan. He asks will she go to court for Karan’s custody. She says he is wrong and says she will go to court to get her rights. He gets confused hearing her. She says everyone thinks she is illegitimate child of this family because she is younger child but that’s not the truth.

She says her father married her mother first before marrying Sarab’s mother and shows their parents photo to him which has date. She says so according to law she is not legal child of this family and Sarab, Harleen are illegitimate child’s. Everyone shocks hearing her. She says if she wants she can throw them out of the house because she is the solo owner of this house and whole property not them. Harleen slaps her and asks how dare she to say like that and who is she to throw them out of their own house.

Aditi says she gave choice to them and it’s their decision that they are going to give Karan to Vikram or they are going to leave this house. Vikram asks how can she throw them out of their house and tells her to leave from here.

Harleen says it’s their house so they won’t leave this house and says Aditi can’t blackmail them like this. She says if Aditi wants to go to court then they will meet there and tells Security guard to throw her out of the house. Sarab says Aditi is their sister and they can’t behave with her like this. Harleen says it’s not matter who married their father first but it’s their house, they born here not Aditi.

Sarab says they never talked about illegitimate and he was not even aware of her thinking and says he can sacrifice anything for his sister so these properties are not matter for him. He says they never differentiated but Aditi did today and in future too she may do.

Patak helps Gulwant to get out of the prison. She thinks he won’t help her without any benefit and asks what she has to do to repay for his help. He says she need not to do anything and says she is going to become MLA. She gets surprised hearing him. He tells her to join in new party. Amrita says Gulwant did wrong by joining new party.

Sarab says he will give all properties to Aditi and says he is leaving the house with his family. Harleen opposes his decision and tells Meher to make him understand. He says Aditi wants her rights.Meher goes inside without saying anything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher says if Sarab is beside her then she don’t need anything else.

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