Choti Sardarni 10th June 2021 Written Update: Daarji demands the truth from Kids

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 10th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Daarji accepts the prasad and eats it then he gets emotional and looks at Sarab. Sarab asks him that what happened to him. Daarji tells him that dish tastes like his mother’s handmade food. Later, Sarab tells Meher that he is really happy today because Daarji praised a lot about Meher and her cooking. Amrit says to Harleen and Dolly that it looks like Sarab keep roaming around Meher and tells them that what all happened in the temple and compares Meher with snake.

Seher confirms that Daarji sleeping. Kids steals Daarji stick and runs from there. Sarab tells Meher that they rectified their first mistake but they should not do any other mistake from now on. Param tries to break the stick but fails miserably. Karan tells him that like he said it’s an magical stick so it won’t be easy to break it. Everyone holds the stick and breaks it together. Daarji wakes up and realises that his stick is missing and he screams in anger. He calls Kids and asks them about his stick.

Meher tries to ask the Kids about stick but Daarji stops her and tells Kids that he won’t forgive the person who lies and asks about his stick. Seher gives the handle of stick to him. Everyone shocks seeing that. Karan gives the top part and Param gives the bottom part to Daarji. Karan asks Daarji to punish him because it’s his plan. Seher asks him to punish her because she stole the stick. Param asks him to punish him because he motivated his siblings.

Meher scolds the Kids and asks them that why they broke the stick. Karan tells her that they wanted to destroy Daarji’s powers. Sarab scolds him. Daarji agrees that his stick had his powers because it supported him to walk. Amrit taunts Kids.

Daarji stops her and tells them that he is proud of Kids because they told the truth to him without fearing about the consequences. Then he praises Karan and blesses him and tells Kids that they will get punishment for their mistake and asks them to meet him tomorrow at 5am. Amrit and Sarab takes Daarji from there.

Meher scolds Karan and Seher saying that Daarji facing troubles to walk because of them. Then she scolds Param too. Amrit tells her that the latter scolding Param only because he is not her biological son. Sarab takes stand for Meher and tells her that now Param is alive because of Meher. Amrit taunts Sarab for taking Meher’s side. Param apologize to Meher. Harleen and Dolly enjoys the drama.

Amrit scolds Dolly and decides to teach lesson to Meher. She asks her that how Meher’s alliance came for Sarab. Harleen comes there. Dolly tells Amrit to ask Harleen because she is the one who finalised Sarab and Meher’s marriage. Harleen diverts the topic. Param tells his siblings that they should not have broke Daarji’s stick because Amrit scold Meher a lot.

Meher gets worried thinking that Daarji hates lies and he thinks that Karan is Gill family’s blood. She and Sarab talks about Daarji’s stick and plans to do something and smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap – Amrit is about to learn the birth truth of Karan.

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