Choti Sardarni 10th October 2019 Written Update: Sarabjeet spots Meher at the bank with the money|Sarab follows Meher

Today’s episode starts with Sarab’s PA informing him that the money has been deposited in Meher’s bank account and ask if Sarab has given her any cheque. Sarab recollects giving Meher divorce papers and a blank cheque and says yes.PA says she has cleared it. Sarab tells him that Meher will not withdraw such a big amount without telling him, and he cannot ask her directly as he was the one who gave her the cheque. He asks PA to fix an appointment with the bank directly so that he can make sure its not fraud.

Sarab reaches the bank and tells the manager that Meher’s account is been deposited with 25 crores from his account. He just wanted to confirm if Meher has deposited the cheque directly or through someone. Manager checks and confirms Meher has deposited herself by showing her signature on the cheque. Sarab thinks that Meher has indeed withdrawn the money and hence he doesn’t want to know or ask anything else. He leaves the bank. Bank manager speaks to someone and says Sarab came personally to ask about 25 crores amount and then left.

Bittu spends some time with Jeeto at the market where Kulwant arrives there to talk about Pinky’s alliance with Bittu. They confirm that Pinky’s family is eager to fix the date and they are ready to fix alliance. Kulwant gets happy. Bittu meets Jeeto’s parents and they get worries that since Rokha happened a long time ago, there has been no talk about the wedding yet. Bittu assures not to worry. The two parties talk in the same place but are unaware of each other’s presence. Jeeto’s father says he will bring Shagun tomorrow and talk to Kulwant about the wedding date then leaves with his wife.

Sarab sees Meher going inside the bank and hides in the car park. Soon Meher comes out while putting money in her handbag and gets in the jeep driving away. Sarab follows her. Meanwhile, Param instructs the servant to prepare vegetable soup for Meher. Rovi doubts Meher’s ailment and tells Dolly she might be faking it. Dolly says Meher did not meet any orthopedic doctor and is lying. She says they should keep eye on Sarabjit too. Once they get proof they can catch them.

Param takes soup to Meher’s room and finds her missing. He runs around the house calling ‘Meher Mama’ and searches her everywhere. He gets upset that his Meher Mama did not listen to him and instead of resting has gone somewhere else. He calls Sarabjit who is following Meher and tells he cannot find Meher. Sarab says Meher is fine and will come soon. Meanwhile, Preeti tries to calm down Param. Dolly wonders where did Meher goes without telling anyone and gets suspicious.

Kulwant gets her nameplate done as PR Manager for Punjab dal Party and tells that guy to make more banners like this and place in several places for publicity. Rana comes there and says she should have checked with Sarab first before placing the board. He worries about Meher’s antics. Kulwant says she has sent Amrita and Jagga to enquire about Meher.

Kulwant gets relieved when Amrita comes back from Meher’s house and tells her that everything seemed fine and Sarab seemed to be in a good mood. She tells Kulwant that they even went to Gynecologist. Kulwant thinks then it means Sarab has believed that it is his child that Meher is carrying and that is why he made her party’s PR manager.

Jagga says if Sarab knows about Meher’s pregnancy then why are they keeping it a secret. Kulwant says when Amrita got pregnant with Yuvi we told everyone only after 4 months. They will tell with time. Kulwant will herself go tomorrow to give her wishes. Sarab watches from afar as Meher meets with Lahori. She tells Lahori that she will never let the Dabba close. She has so many memories there. She gives money to him teary-eyed remembering Manav and Sharma Ji.

Sarab’s assistant says the guy looks like a thief and why is Meher giving him the money. Meher says not to tell anyone that she gave him the money. Sarab wonders whether that guy knows Meher’s truth and blackmails her. Sarab asks his assistant to check with the guy why Meher gave him money and how he knows Meher. Sarab tells himself that he will find out the truth.

Precap: Meher comes to Kulwant’s house and Jagga is shocked to see her driving the jeep and asks if she is mad. Meher says she came here due to compulsion and she wanted to give his share of the money. Sarab watches everything from his car afar.