Choti Sardarni 11th June 2021 Written Update: Kulwant plans to destroy Gill family

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Choti Sardarni 11th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kids sees new stick in Meher’s hand and wonders that how she got new stick. Kids questions her about the stick. She tells them that it’s Gurbaksh’s stick. Param asks her that how she got the same stick like Daarji’s. She tells him that Sarab gave it to her to keep this safely. Daarji comes there and sees the stick and gets emotional. Meher takes his blessings. Kids greets him.

Meher gives the stick to Daarji. He praises her for keeping this stick with her still and tells Kids that it’s not normal stick because it belongs to his brother’s. He asks them that are they ready for punishment. Seher tells him that today she need to do her project and she needs her siblings help in that.

Param asks him to postponed the punishment. Meher tells Seher that she will help in her project. Daarji tells Kids that yesterday they broke the stick so today they will be punished for sure. He makes them do all the exercise (Haanikaarak Bapu song plays in the background ).

Meher sees Karan’s birth file and recalls that how Harleen accused her in the past. Sarab thanks Meher for taking the stick out. She drops the file by mistake. Amrit comes there and takes the file. Sarab notices that that’s Karan’s file and starts complimenting Amrit then takes the file from her hand. She tells him that Daarji’s friends coming to meet Daarji. Meher tells her that she will prepare everything. Amrit scolds her saying that no one came to meet them from her family especially her mother.

Kulwant tells her sons she didn’t get bail but her game didn’t end yet and she got time to think. Bittu asks her that what is she thinking to do. She tells him that she is going to destroy Gill family after her release. Sarab takes Meher’s side. Amrit taunts Meher. Meher tells her that the latter is her mother in law so she will learn everything from her.

Kids gets tired after exercise. Daarji teases them. Meher gives juice to them. She notices that Daarji suffering with knee pain. Amrit gives hot pack to him. Meher tells her that they should give ice pack to him. Amrit scolds her saying that she knows to take care of Daarji. Dolly serves “badam halwa” to everyone. Amrit struggles to breathe suddenly. Kids goes to call Meher. Daarji struggles to reach Amrit.

Meher comes there and saves Amrit. Everyone comes there. Amrit slaps Meher and asks her that how dare she to beat her. Meher tells her that she did that to save her and still if Amrit feels that she is wrong then she is ready to receive punishment. Sarab tries to support Meher. Amrit scolds both Sarab and Meher.

Daarji yells at Amrit and warns her to not utter a word against Meher and tells her that Meher saved her life. She asks him that how can he yell at her for Meher. Meher asks Daarji to not scold Amrit. Amrit asks Meher to not act in front of her and leaves from there. Meher recalls Amrit’s words.

Episode ends.

Precap – Amrit learns that Meher went to jail.

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