Choti Sardarni 11th May 2021 Written Update: Kids learns about Meher’s amnesia

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Choti Sardarni 11th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kids learns that Meher left the restaurant and wonders how can she leave. Waiter asks Kids to stay until their family pays the bill and goes to talk to the Manager. Karan says to other Kids that he read in books that staff will make them do work to pay the bill. Meher thinks she has to reach the house soon because Kids need to leave for school.

Karan says to Manager that he can’t make them do any work. Param says to him that he booked this table and he is Sarab’s son and his mother can’t go anywhere leaving them. Seher says to Param that Meher had her date of birth as pin number when they were in Kashmir. Param says to her that Meher has 3 Kids now. Seher puts Sarab’s date of birth and pays the bill amount.

Harleen asks Doctor that what is she doing there. Sarab informs Harleen that he is discussing about Meher’s case to Doctor Naina. Naina says to Harleen that Meher’s disease looks like amnesia and they didn’t treat her on right time.

Meher comes there. Sarab lies to her saying that Naina is his Manager. Meher asks him about the Kids. Harleen was about to tell the truth but Naina signals her to not do that. Sarab tells Meher that Kids left for school.

Param calls Sarab and puts the mobile on speaker and informs about Meher. Sarab lies to them saying that he called Meher for important matter and asks them about hotel name. Sarab calls Kulwant and tells her to come to Gill mansion.

Later, Seher says to Sarab that Meher’s card pin number is his date of birth. Yuvi says to him that Seher saved them at end. Param asks about Meher. Meher asks him to tell the truth. Sarab decides to tell the truth to Kids and introduces Naina to them. He tells them that Naina will explain them about Meher’s disease. Kulwant comes there.

Naina tells them that because of Meher’s head injury she is keep forgetting things and she didn’t get treatment for her injury at right time so her condition becoming more complicated. Meher decides to make food for Kids. Seher asks Naina that will Meher recover. Karan asks Naina to give medicine to Meher.

Naina asks them about the trauma which happened in Meher’s life. Kulwant recalls how she tried to kill Manav in front of Meher and tells that year is 2010 to Naina. Naina says to them that soon she won’t remember anything which happened after 2010 and then she will live two life.

Kids gets worried thinking Meher may forget them. Harleen asks her that if Meher didn’t identify them then what they has to do. Naina tells her that they can’t tell the truth to Meher because she can’t handle the stress now. Kulwant asks her about treatment. Naina says to them that Meher needs their support then medicine now.

Meher puts salt instead of sugar in dessert. Karan and Seher sees that but eats it without complaining about it. They informs about it to Harleen. Meher sings lullaby for her Kids then forgets the lyrics in middle.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher asks Jeeto that who is she. Kulwant says to her that Jeeto is their house help.

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