Choti Sardarni 12th June 2021 Written Update: Seher steals money from Amrit’s purse

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Choti Sardarni 12th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher gives water to Sarab and asks him that what happened to him. He apologize to her on behalf of Amrit. She tells him that she is really fine and Amrit is elder of their family so she has rights to get angry on her. He decides to talk to Amrit and tells her that he want to clear the misunderstanding but she stops him saying that after many years they came so he should forget this issue.

Daarji tells Amrit that she did wrong by slapping Meher and asks her to apologize to Meher. She asks him that how can he say that and compares Meher with someone else. He asks her to not compare that person with Meher. She tells him that soon Meher will show her real face. He shows the stick to her and tells her that Meher and Sarab still had Gurbaksh’s stick with them and he can see anything so it’s her who need to see.

Sarab tells Meher that she is his life. She tells him that she likes it when he says romantic lines like this and asks her to not talk to Amrit about this issue. She reminds him that tomorrow Daarji’s friends coming and also Amrit asked about Kulwant. Daarji tells Amrit that Meher gave really good upbringing to her Kids and after getting slap too Meher didn’t said anything.

Kulwant says to Constable that her sons will come with her bail papers soon and Meher and Sarab can’t put her behind the bars for long. Meher brings Doctor to check Daarji’s knee. Doctor asks about Daarji’s rashes. Daarji tells him that he uses hot pack. Doctor tells him that he should use ice pack not hot pack.

Amrit hears that and is about to fall but Meher holds her and notices the necklace and tells her that it’s looking really beautiful. Doctor gives prescription to Meher then leaves from there. Amrit asks Meher that why the latter is still standing there. Meher tells her that she wants something. Amrit taunts her.

Daarji asks Meher that what she wants. Meher tells him that she lost her father when she was 5 years old and she never got chance take care of her father so she wants chance to cook for him and pleads him to give one chance to her. He gives his favorite dish items list to her. She thanks him and leaves from there. Daarji asks Amrit to give their family necklace to Meher but she refuses him.

Meher cooks for Daarji. Harleen thanks her. Kids tells Daarji that Meher asked them to take care of him. Daarji asks them to do massage. Sarab goes to Dhillon house and asks Bittu and Ranna to come to Gill mansion to meet Daarji but they should not talk about Kulwant. They asks him to arrange bail for Kulwant then only they will come.

Daarji asks Amrit to give money to Kids. Amrit gives 500 rupees to Karan and Param but gives just 100 rupees to Seher. Seher asks her to give 500 rupees to her too but Amrit refuses her. After sometime Seher takes 400 rupees from Amrit’s purse and Amrit sees that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karan tells Amrit that Meher went to jail. Amrit tells her family that she want to say something.

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