Choti Sardarni 13th April 2021 Written Update: Sarab helps Sandhya

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 13th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Karan reaches house and asks Seher about Sandhya. He asks her that does she knows about his surprise. Sandhya says to him that she cancelled the surprise. Karan gets sad hearing her. She says to him that Param made “rabdi jalebi” for him and gives it to him. Karan gets happy and runs to Param. He thanks Param for making “rabdi jalebi” for him. Param says to him that he didn’t make that and Sandhya is a liar and she always lies to others. Karan says to him that he misunderstood Sandhya because she is not a liar. Sarab tries to interfere but Param stops him. Param says to Karan that he can prove that Sandhya is a liar. He says to him he will ask one question to Sandhya and she can’t answer that question.

Meher comes in front of Sarab and asks him to stop Param. Sarab refuse to stop him. Meher says to him that Seher and Karan’s heart going to break and Sarab also want to snatch their happiness and hope. Sandhya tells story to Seher and gives medicine to her. Karan asks Sandhya to talk to Meher in front of Param because he thinks she is lying to them. Sandhya apologize to God in her mind saying she has to keep lying until Seher recovers completely.

Param asks Sandhya to ask Seher’s date of birth to Meher. He says to his siblings that Sandhya can’t answer this question because she doesn’t know the answer for this question. Karan asks her to prove that she never lies. Seher says to Param that Sandhya can talk to Meher. Sandhya tells the correct answer to Param’s question and says tomorrow it’s Seher’s birthday. Param gets surprised hearing her and hugs her. Kulwant goes to Jagga’s office. She recalls the moments she shared with him. Yuvi also recalls the moments he shared with Jagga. He asks Kulwant that why she is handovering Jagga’s business to Ranna and he threatenes Ranna to do well because it’s his father’s business.

Sandhya sees Sarab who is standing there with note pad which has Seher’s date of birth. Seher and Karan also hugs Sandhya. Param apologize to Sandhya saying he misunderstood her. He asks her to say to Meher that he is missing her so much and he is taking care of Karan like she wanted him to do. Sandhya says to them that Meher doesn’t want her kids to fight with each other. Karan apologize to Param and hugs him. Seher gets sad saying in her last birthday Sarab was not with her and this year Meher is not with her and refuse to celebrate birthday. Sarab convinces her saying she has to celebrate birthday with him.

Kulwant learns about Seher’s birthday party and informs about it to her family. She asks Ginni and Jeeto to buy gifts for Seher. Ginni calls Ranna and asks him about his first day at work. Jeeto and Bittu learns that Ranna handling Jagga’s office. Sarab says to Harleen that he really want to celebrate Seher’s birthday. Karan asks Sandhya to ask Meher to come to Seher’s birthday party. Sandhya promises to them that Meher will come tomorrow.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab yells at Sandhya for her fake promise.

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